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Pop industry rebel chick Miley Cyrus unveiled another surprise on her Instagram on Sunday. Before you roll your eyes or conjure up a breathy sigh, it wasn't because the 23-year-old was involved in any raunchy or boundary pushing photoshoots.

In fact, quite the opposite. Miley posted a picture with actor Allimi Ballard from Numb3rs, and her hairstyle in the photo was really quite different.

It seems the 'Bangerz' star is growing her hair out and letting her brown roots come through. This signals quite a change style-wise for the singer, when you think about it. Since Miley entered her full throttle provocative phase a couple of years ago, we've been used to the consistent bleach blonde pixie cut.

This is not the first time Miley has shown the world her new hairstyle. Earlier in the month, Miley was seen at the (Red) One event in New York City looking on point with her hair at a longer length.

It seems that Miley is ready for yet another personal revolution, if hair is anything to go by, which it always is (life philosophy, you're welcome folks).

It makes a nice change to see Miley with her natural hair color and sporting her hair at a longer length. To appease the Miley haters, perhaps a new change in style and appearance could mean a new change in attitude and conduct for the megastar.

Is the old Miley Cyrus making a comeback? Who knows, but it is worth pointing out this Instagram post Miley put up a couple of days ago:

Are the wavy mahogany locks of her youth what Miley is aiming for? This really could be the comeback of old school, well behaved Disney kid Miley.

To be honest though, I really don't think so (sorry) as this is what Miley posted yesterday:

The ballsy Miley Cyrus of today ain't going nowhere.


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