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Didn't quite catch 'em all the first time round? The less diligent trainers out there will be glad to hear they've been gifted a second chance, because according to the official trading card game's Japanese website (translated by Polygon) the original packs of Pokemon trading cards will be getting a re-release in honor of the property's 20th anniversary.

Come February 27, Japanese fans will be able to purchase a reprinted edition of the very first set of 60 cards, complete with the manual and a coin that first hit shelves back in 1996. Loaded with a disposable income and heaps of romanticized childhood nostalgia, collectors who remember fighting over that near-mythical Charizard shiny card in the playground will be able double down on that adolescent obsession that still burns in my memory.

Those who have more affinity fot the games over the cards will also be pleased to hear that the GameBoy version of Pokemon Blue, Red, Yellow and Green will also be resurrected with special edition 2DS bundles, along with 3DS ports of the original games.

Unfortunately there's no word on a Western re-release of the trading cards. In the meantime, there's always eBay...

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