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Everything Christopher Nolan touches turns to gold, so it's no surprise there is already a lot of excitement surrounding his next feature, Dunkirk, based on true events from the Second World War.

According to an exclusive by Variety, the screenplay, written by Nolan himself, focuses on the evacuation of Dunkirk during the World War II, and the story will be the directors first focus on real life events.

Hardy, Rylance and Branagh could join the cast
Hardy, Rylance and Branagh could join the cast

Early rumors suggest this could be another explosively successful flick; Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance and Kenneth Branagh have all been speculated to be in talks. Add an original screenplay by Nolan and you have a recipe for potential award season success in the not too distant future.

The leading cast will be a formation of unknown teenagers, with Hollywood heavyweights in hand to beef up the story. Nolan has already begun auditioning the youngsters in London, but will try and add some established names to the cast as soon as possible.

A Gripping and Powerful Story

Nolan's sci-fi flick, Interstellar
Nolan's sci-fi flick, Interstellar

The 45-year-old's psychologically thrilling films often provide an interesting insight into the human psyche. From Memento (2000) to Inception (2013) to his recent furore into sci-fi with Interstellar (2014), he's a director who can capture complex ideas and turn them into commercial and critical hits.

Greg Silverman, President, Creative Development and Worldwide Production at Warner Bros (who will produce) said:

"“We are thrilled to be continuing our collaboration with Christopher Nolan, a singular filmmaker who has created some of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful films of all time. ‘Dunkirk’ is a gripping and powerful story and we are excited to see Chris, Emma and their cast realize it on the big screen.”

Could Nolan create something to rival Steven Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan (1998), which is often thought of as one of the best war movies of all time?

Big budget blockbusters based around the War often perform well critically and commercially, it seems like Nolan couldn't be a better fit. His nine movies to date have grossed an eye watering $4.2 billion, and won seven Oscars with 26 nominations.

Operation Dynamo

Troops at Operation Dynamo
Troops at Operation Dynamo

The battle of Dunkirk occurred between 27 May and 4 June 1940, where Allied soldiers were evacuated from the harbor and beaches of the French town.

The evacuation, which became codenamed Operation Dynamo, resulted in saving the lives of 330,000 troops. In short, it would make for some seriously riveting viewing, especially with someone of Nolan's calibre at the helm.

Nolan will again be working with his wife and fellow co-producer, Emma Thomas. Filming will begin in May next year, with a scheduled release date of 21 July 2017.

Source: Variety


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