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Sometimes when movie posters get censored for bizarre reasons, it can be hard to see why. However, judging from the original concept for a Deathgasm movie poster, it's no surprise why the design was shafted.

I'm not entirely sure if the designer was dicking around, but either way it was ambitious to submit the design. It certainly took some balls, and I hope the artist in question wasn't sacked.

Rock Out With Your Cock Out

Hey, it's only a bit of demonic flesh, why be so sensitive? The poor guy is just a bit horny. I mean, at a quick glans, you'd barely even notice it? By "it", yes, I mean the huge, throbbing demon penis.

Eventually, designers opted for the much more low key design below:

One of the Best Horrors of the Year

The New Zealand based film, directed and written by Jason Lei Howden, has been heralded as one of the best horror films of 2015.

The story focuses on two out of place heavy metal fans who inadvertently summon a demon while dabbling with black magic. Check out the trailer below:

Following its release, it has received positive reviews, and was listed as number 5 on Mr. Disgusting's list of 2015 horrors.

Source: Bloody Disgusting


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