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This is truly a Christmas miracle!

A Reddit-user by the name of OMGParty recently posted the heartwarming story on imgur, describing how his mother bought him a Star Wars toy for Christmas back in the early '80s and forgot about it:

"My mom bought this back in the '80s and forgot about it in the back of a drawer. Today she gave it to me as a Christmas gift! I'm amazed! Going to be holding on to this forever!"

The Daily Dot contacted him to hear more of the story, and it turns out the toy is worth a considerable amount of money today, but OMGParty has no intentions of selling the toy:

"In terms of value, someone on my Facebook feed said $500 but I think that's most likely WAY WAY over inflated. It's got some weathering that would keep it from being considered "New in the box" to collectors. Not that it matters, there is absolutely NO way that I would ever sell this. No amount of money is worth it's value to me as a gift from my Mom!"

After a quick eBay search I can confirm that it does indeed retail for around $500 if it is still in the box and in mint condition.

Do you have any old Star Wars toys?

If you do, it might be worth checking just how much they are worth today by reading this article. If you have a Vinyl Cape Jawa still in the box somewhere it can be worth up to $18 000! Considering you could originally buy it for $1.99, it would definitely be an incredible thing to find lying around in an old attic somewhere.

If reading this has gotten you all nostalgic, why not check out this clip with Yoda and Luke?

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