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I bet you didn't think that you were waiting for a Frozen/Star Wars: The Force Awakens mash-up but... you were.

Artist and Tumblr blogger Katarzyna Witerscheim, a.k.a. PannaN, has put together a small collection of drawings and photoshopped images revealing a mashed up world where Kylo Ren and Olaf the Snowman might co-exist.

Check out her amazing cross over of characters Hans from Frozen and General Hux (Domhnall Gleeson) from The Force Awakens.

General Hux and General Hans
General Hux and General Hans

PannaN then goes on to interpret the relationship between the sisters in Frozen as what could have been the relationship between a young General Hux and Kylo Ren!

The comparison of Elsa and Kylo Ren may upset some children but we don't have to look far far away to see the similarities.

Both characters are prone to throwing tantrums, they have powers they can't control and they feel the force of both the Light and the Dark sides. Is anyone else thinking power couple?

You will also be annoyed and amused to hear that fellow Tumblr user, Tren Fraszka, went on to complete the lyrics of "do you want to build a Death Star?" turning a light-hearted idea into an actual song that will probably be stuck in your head for the next few light years.

Although that song has definitely played like an unforgiving broken record in the heads of countless unsuspecting victims in recent years, there is something about the new Death Star version that doesn't elicit the fury of its predecessor.

I mean who doesn't want to build a Death Star with Kylo Ren?

You're welcome.

The artist continues to update her tumblr and website with fresh new material regularly and today she presented us with another gem - General Weasley getting a voicemail from him mum. Gold.

All we need to do now is patiently wait for PannaN to reveal a few more cast cross-overs so we can establish once and for all if Olaf is BB-8.

Sources: MTV News, Tumblr.


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