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"I can't watch them. It just kills me.”

Despite the fact that she's the primary presence in ASPCA's animal cruelty advert, Canadian singer Sarah McLachlan cannot bring herself to watch them. It's just too much.

Yep, this is one of those adverts. The type that tugs and pulls at your heart strings until you're sat in a puddle of your own tears and cursing the world. It begins with McLachlan's melancholy tones, which continues to haunt the background as images of sad creatures rotate alongside snippets of information, which come together to form a thoroughly depressing slideshow.

Like so:

'Every hour an animal is beaten and abused.'

'They are alone and terrified.'

'Waiting for someone to help.'

Like, seriously? Who could not well-up watching these cute faces cowering in terror?

Try for yourself:

Find out more about the ASPCA.

Source: Jezebel, NY Mag


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