ByJohnleo Devenecia, writer at

In Star Wars, there is always conflict between light and dark side of the force. But what if there is another side of the force which is neither light or dark but encompasses both. Maybe parallel with Taoism, which is a way without words to experience life. Taoism is neither a religion or belief, but based on causality and relativity that cannot be explained by mere words but by mind and silence or a doer that would lessen suffering. Both light and dark side of the force are suffering from the conflicts they face with each other in the galaxy. I think the next episodes VIII, IX and X could be in that sense that a unity will unfold somehow for the good of the galaxy but there will be a price for this causality which is conflicts and lots of action from the movies.

All Star Wars movies are about humanity and human values for the most part, and sharing experiences with other beings from other planets to achieve a goal which is peace and order in the galaxy. But the story of Star Wars seems to not end because there are a lot of possibilities that can arise from artists and thinkers like George Lucas and others. But the new Star Wars are evolving from their absolutes of light and dark sides of the force into a much more profound storyline.


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