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A long time ago in a distant galaxy we had the best trilogy of all time Star Wars. From Episode 4 to Episode 6. George Lucas has gone on record saying that the fantasy world he wanted to create was more of a dream but now turned reality. And then, the prequels attacked.

Firstly George Lucas directed the prequels on his own,and I actually got introduced to Star Wars through the third episode; Revenge of the Sith and I thought Anakin was kinda cool. Why? Because he fit the time period that the movie came out, with all the emo shit that came out it was cool to see Anakin be emo, and whatever and now I see that it was over done and so he is nothing more than a product of the times, but I also found Padme to be alright she was that sweet girl with the nice smile, and then of course Senator Palpatine turned Emperor Palpatine, and I was surprised to find that Samuel L. Jackson was in this as Mace Windu.

But,now all that how does this movie compare to the trilogy.

Now to keep it short(as I'm doing a review as well) and simple, this movie was a nostalgia ride.

Yeap, what the critics said I thought of it. I mean the pacing was very much Mad Max: Fury Road, and even the acting a little borrowed from it as well especially since Rey kinda reminded me of Furiosa, and at times, I swear I yawned a little just because maybe it was dragged out a little too much. And yeah I could see a lot of it borrowing from the original trilogy, in fact a whole of two movies were crammed into one and not to specify which scenes;(again doing a review with full spoilers next) I thought that it was very New Hope/Empire Strikes back I mean yeah sure there are new characters and I actually went into this with my sister and my mum who were asking me all these questions as this was really the first Star Wars they've watched, and I waited as long as the others for this movie as well(Okay maybe not as LONG, but still..) and you know I really loved the journey these guys took. I mean yeah, Finn is a black guy and there was actually plaque about that because if you know the story, actually in China the poster actually omitted Finn and blah blah blah, and suddenly the drama was built around that and I thought that was an interesting change from the gender bias to the original bias right.

Anyway, I also laughed when Poe, called him Finn just because his Storm Trooper brand was FN-2187 right, and not only that but because I'm an Adventure Time Fan as well, and so I immediately laughed. But now the more I think of it can Disney do that to their rival company's character I mean, you know just the name, I know like it's not trademarked, but c'mon man.

I also liked that Han Solo pointed out that the new like Death Star like planet was just bigger, but I also thought that the Rapthars were just a detour.
And here comes my biggest problem with the movie. Ready? Okay.

It's Kylo Ren. Yes, that's right, being a staunch supporter of villains in movies, and tv shows(not all but most). I thought Kylo was bad ass from his design and the voice and just the pure ferocity, and when he took pf the mask. I was not sold.

Even though his face kinda resembled Harrison's Ford, just a little, but not a lot especially not the nose. I thought he should have kept the mask on. But okay I get it, this is a new movie, there shouldn't be an excuse to keep his mask on and our curiosity truly does want to see the man behind the mask, but I think that's the problem with the prequels too, it's that we see the man behind Vader we see Anakin and he's not the cool cold blooded bad ass that we know he's some whiny brat. And that's what Kylo is too, and I get it it's supposed to be a family thing and even though people liked that he took it off I felt that took away from the character as a whole though.

Now look there are other factors to look at I get it it's just that there are certain things that could have been done better, I mean look at the saber fights it so clear to see who would win and yeah, I didn't really understand how Finn could use the light saber as well, but those are the movie related artistic liberties that I will give them, because it's bad ass to see other people who are not of the Force, or who are not of the Jedi, to use the light saber and I think it's just a bit of fan service there as well.
And here are some of the parts that I will expand upon in the review as well.

1) Rey getting flash backs

2)Finn having his dilemma keep biting at him

3) Han Solo and General Leia

4) C3P0 and R2D2

And obviously for those who watched the movie they'll get it and if you haven't well, let's just say those scenes were awesome and it elevated this movie so much more.
And even though, it's over for now, I really do hope after they flushed all the nostalgia out and all the fan service in this movie. They'll do something different bring the mythos back, have fun with it, be passionate about it.
And for now, that's all I hope, the next installment has more to offer than the prequels, heck anything is better than the prequels now I think.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy your journey into the Star Wars galaxy that continues, to blow every box office record set.


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