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Well, The Force Awakens has smashed all records so far, and it is a good movie. Though, no spoilers, certain events in the film, establishes most of what used to be the expanded universe, not expanded at all. But, whether intended or not, rather than morn those we could never see on flim, (grand admirals Thrawn and D’aala would have been awesome and the sun crusher…) it has opened the door to Star Wars gaining its own multiverse. This means perhaps there could be a version of events, which while having the major happenings, does not portray the post order 66 Jedi as spineless space slugs, seriously Yoda, running and hiding, leaving the entire galaxy to fend for itself while you wallow in self-pity, just because you couldn’t beat Palpatine the first time, that’s a shitty move, and surely he and obi wan were not the only survivors (in the former expanded universe there were others). Sure, you would have to regroup, plan things thoroughly like he did to establish the Empire, but that would make for a better movie, even trilogy. For example:

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… Star Wars episode IV(b) a New hope:

It is a dark time for the Rebellion; the survivors of Order 66 have been forced to conceal their identities to avoid attracting the attention of the superior trained and well-armed Imperial Death squads.

Despite the overwhelming odds, the Rebellion has learned of, and even stolen the plans of the newly completed mobile battle station: The Death Star.

With the senior elite death squad, commanded by Darth Vader himself hunting Princess Leia, she must find a way to get the plans to her father, Bail Organa the de facto leader of the Rebellion so that a weakness could be found and an assault prepared, before the plans are stolen back and the Death Star takes its first victim…

Before a new hope: after his unsuccessful attempt to take on Darth Sidious, Yoda and a few of the other Jedi survivors realize they are woefully un prepared to take on the Sith, so they make a plan, Yoda and Obi Wan, will take Luke, because Vader only knows of a son, so he is the most vulnerable, and a few other younglings, to a discrete location on a low population world outside of Imperial control, Tatooine because it is controlled by the Hutts and so long as they are payed can be relied on to ignore things, to train as the best hope for the galaxy; he is, after all, the son of Vader. To keep things low key and maximize chances of success, Bail adopts Leia, and through his connections in the rebellion, finds a Jedi willing to play lady-in-waiting/body guard/trainer to Leia, just in case she gains force sensitivity, which she does. The other Jedi, seeking to avoid attention turn to helping the rebellion discreetly, and keeping an eye out for force sensitive younglings before the death squads can find them and kill or turn them. Some Jedi fall to the dark side and join the death squads. The death squads are fairly successful and some are even disbanded, and are part of elite storm trooper squads now.

The movie: The plans make it to Tatooine via R2-D2 and C3-P0. Obi-wan and Luke, who insists he is ready, and since it does not appear there will be trouble and he does need real world training, are sent with the plans to Alderaan, but they have no ship and have to remain discreet, so they hire a charter, enter Han and Chewie, this is when Luke learns that most assume the Jedi are extinct. Unfortunately, Alderaan is destroyed and Obi-wan and Luke must save Leia from the clutches of Vader and get to Yavin IV to dissect the plans. They make it but are tracked and they manage to destroy the Death Star.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… Star Wars episode V(b) the Empire strikes back:

It is always darker before the dawn, the Empire has taken a critical blow, however. With pyrrhic victory over The Death Star, the Rebellion has to quickly abandon their base at Yavin IV and regroup. The Empire, however, now fully knowledgeable of powerful force users, redouble their Death Squad efforts, forcing the Rebellion further underground. Vader, now obsessed with finding the last of the Jedi sends probes to the far reaches of the galaxy to find them…

The movie: Due to the logistics of helping the rebels, Luke has lost touch with Yoda and the enclave on Tatooine, which was assaulted by elite death squads anyway, but fortunately abandoned prior, but Obi-wan’s force spirit tells him of an enclave on Degobah. Leia is forced to flee with Han after the assault on Hoth, and they all meet up on Bespin and despite Yoda’s insistence Luke is not ready to face Vader, let alone the Emperor, abandons his advanced training. Luke manages to survive the death squad, and learns a terrible truth, Vader is his father.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… Star Wars episode VI(b) Return of the Jedi

The Rebellion has grown despite the Empire’s terror tactics, and a few Jedi now openly brandish their light sabers. With Luke as a ‘poster child’ for both the Rebellion and the New Jedi order, has even started to attract new padawans. But darkness looms in the form of a new, more powerful Death Star. Somehow, the Rebel Alliance has not only learned its location but that the Emperor himself will be there and is now planning an all-out assault on this once in a life time opportunity, the entire fleet will be participating…

The movie: pretty much the same as the original but with more light sabers and action.

A Star Wars Multi-verse would mean more stories and, like the (DC) multi-verse or the (ST) mirror universe, crossovers could be possible. Granted, to keep things from going super nova, a continuity overseer office(r) would have to be established, but think of the possibilities…


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