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Cassius Coleman

I am part of the first of currently 3 (if not 4) generations of Star Wars fans. I was there at the beginning. And no, I'm not ashamed of dating myself (because I look great for my age, so ha!). I rated the movie a solid 7.75 The reason being is because all of the original EU elements have supposedly been jettisoned by Disney. But you see what they've actually done is disavowed it only so they could leech from it and shuffle it around in ways they feel is to their liking.

So basically I wasn't really surprised by any of the 'revelations' in the Force Awakens. Yeah there were plenty of cool moments, but not enough originality and freshness to get the "WOW" factor out of me. I did like the lightsaber duels, aerial dog fights between the ties and the X-Wings. Didn't really get enough Poe Dameron, but I suppose we'll see more of him in Ep. 8

What I didn't like was the ham-fisted way Abrams and the powers that be seem to be so in love with and keep following the paper thin, way too obvious plot contrivances of George Lucas. Yes, I get that certain instances, elements, and life lessons can continually pop up amongst any group of characters. But most of the established narrative of TFA is all retread from the previous saga. It's almost telling you the end three movies out, which for long term fans like myself, don't do a whole lot in the enthusiasm department, if you know what I mean. Basically the narrative we got in TFA was lazy and only somewhat imaginative and fresh. I would say I'm hoping things improve over the subsequent films, but I can see they've already got George Lucas' storytelling number so, I won't waste my time and effort on that note.


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