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If you're looking for clues for what to expect from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, you could do worse than digging out your Watchmen blu-ray. It's not by sheer coincidence that DC hired that film's director for the epic that's about to launch its cinematic universe properly. The studio liked what Zack Snyder did with Watchmen and they wanted his vision (specifically, his devotion to the comics) to be the steering hand at the helm of BvS.

According to HeroicHollywood, one particularly memorable visual technique used in Watchmen - which, for the uneducated, is hands down one of the finest superhero movies of the decade, and possibly the most underrated - will be reinvented in Batman vs Superman.

Remember the start credits of Watchmen? Set to the tune of Bob Dylan's 'Times They Are A-Changin', we saw a time lapse montage sequence depicting the rise and the fall of the Minutemen. It worked as a kind of pre-movie easter egg to bring us up to speed with everything that happened prior to now, much like Marvel use their end credits sequences to tease some event which will set into motion the plot of a forthcoming movie.

Check out the sequence again, in case you've forgotten how they played out or just want to bask in some true cinematic brilliance...

You can expect something similar from Batman vs Superman, only this time it will take the form of a closing credits sequence. Rather than waiting around for a post-credits easter egg, the easter eggs will be a part of the credits themselves. We'll see whatever canon Snyder has established for the Justice League play out as an accelerated history, presumably chronicling their history in much the same way as in Watchmen.

That could explain how certain unexplained cameos - like the much hyped movie debut of The Flash, which doesn't seem to fit in with the plot of BvS at all - will be weaved into the fabric of the film. It also cleverly shields DC from accusations of being Marvel copycats by removing the need for a post-credits scene.

That's not all we can learn from the Watchmen title sequence: for one thing, the montage gives a clear sense of Snyder's absolute devotion to DC comic history, right down to the tiniest details such as the design of the outfits worn by Nite Owl and the Minutemen in the '40s. If you believe that the monster in the BvS trailer is in fact Doomsday, then you can be pretty sure he'll get an origin story which reflects his creation arc in the comics.

The Watchmen credits also make numerous references to real-life events, seen through the lens of an alternate reality, like the following shot of Minutemen member The Silhouette in a celebratory crowd on Victory over Japan Day in 1945, grabbing and kissing a female nurse...

A striking visual in its own right, but also a clever twist on the famous photograph snapped by Alfred Eisenstaedt which depicted a male soldier kissing a nurse in the street during the very same real-life celebrations.

So whilst there's still so much we don't know about both movies, with Justice League in particular pretty much a blank slate at this point, here's what we do know: the world of that film will be established in Batman vs Superman's closing credits sequence which, being Snyder, we can expect to be brimming with visual references to both DC comics and real-life historical events. It will also be hella stylish - and might just be the high point of the movie.

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Is taking cues from Watchmen a good call for Justice League and the DC universe?


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