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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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So if you're here, obviously you've watched this movie.

You haven't? Okay please leave, and read my previous post if you don't want any spoilers.


Alright let's get down to it. Now without reiterating to much this movie is a nostalgia ride, it flushes all the original trilogy stuff at us, but obviously it can't have all three so it's just the main two, A New Hope and Empire Strikes back.

But now, to the depth of my review, you all know how this goes, the three elements.
Yes, every element is present here, but again as I've said, I felt a bit tired out after awhile as the pacing drew out some things a little, but I guess it's kinda like the original as well. But obviously it's not just the original trilogy.

It's also the prequels. Yes, you all know my pet peeve with this movie. Kylo Ren, and not exactly the guy with the suit and the mask, no, that guy I'd proudly buy the costume and shit for Halloween, but it's the guy underneath the mask, I mean this guy really wants to be Anakin or just flush out that he is related to Anakin and we know that already and he's just still doing that mopey, emo shit that's been dated, and I know we have to have that but come on!!!

And then the action scenes particularly the saber scenes, it felt a little too rehearsed, it felt like you could guess every step they were going to take, heck even the prequels weren't that shoddy with their action scenes, it felt like ATLA, the action scenes were packed and kept you motivated to stick and watch that scene. And then of course the big question about how Finn can wield the light saber, and I didn't really mind it I mean, but he sure did hold it well especially since he was a Storm Trooper and he's never seen any Jedi. Heck, maybe it was the new bad guys, who showed all the Storm Troopers like the Sith wielding sabers, just in case somebody in the Resistance, could be an existing Jedi but really, I don't mind it I really thought it was just fan service, because c'mon who's never wanted to use the saber.

But I'll tell you a scene that bugged me that the Screen Junkies brought up as well, which was Finn getting sliced in the back, and don't get me wrong that was an emotional scene but I thought Finn was dead, especially since, they opened it up with it being possible, with main characters being axed of kind of a Game Of Thrones play there, and if you've continued reading this review, without watching this movie, then you only have yourself to blame because I'm gonna reveal the biggest spoiler this movie has to offer. Ready?


That's right one of the most bad ass characters from the original trilogy dies. And you know what I thought of it. Meh.

Not only was it predictable, and it was also fake, I mean c'mon really, that light saber is as convincing as Garfield, but it was predictable because of the acting, and because I've seen more gruesome deaths, and yes, even the burning of Anakin Skywalker although satisfying, was pretty gruesome. But with all that said, I actually blame the pacing, because the acting already told us what they were going to do, it's like playing your trump card too early, and they dragged it out like it was going to be a big thing and it really wasn't.

And also obviously the scene when Rey is being called upon by Luke's saber, originally of course, Anakin's saber, and she has this flash back, and that was a really fitting scene because the pacing fit it and then came the part with the box, and all of the Star Wars fans went, it's the saber isn't it? And it was and I'm proud of that scene because for newcomers it's a fantastic scene I mean there's all the build up to it as well. And then, there was the moping and the "I'm not ready to be a Jedi", and "no it can't be me" and then Finn sort off following that route of literally running away, but then feels like he connected with Rey somehow, and goes back because he loves, her but oh, Rey only thinks of him as a friend. Seriously she kissed him on the forehead, when he was like unconscious(HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN DEAD!!!!!).
And I also loved Harrison Ford's and Carrey Fischer's performance in this, I mean, the chemistry felt right.

And Han Solo telling Finn like women always find out the truth,like felt it was from experience. And Leia, now General Leia, being the brunt and the leader of the Resistance, again, a little nudge and a nod to the original, right down to there's like a really charismatic pilot named Poe, who we thought died. I mean seriously guys, one real death and two fake outs.

But I guess, other than the little flaws, here and there, I mean really a giant alien? What the hell? I know it's a hologram, and it's really Andy Sirkis but who is Snoke?? Is he the new Palpatine? Who is Kylo Ren is he the new Vader? He surely idolizes Vader for no particular reason other than, midichlorin theory, and the fact that he was related to that none sense.
I guess we'll find out in the next movie but, I really hope they don't continue this constant flushing of the nostalgia factor, because I want something new, yeah we got a few here and there but I want more.
And the ending scene. Oh My God, someone from Screen Junkies said it should have been played like after the credits, and I totally agree, I mean, the epicness, the build up, and obviously it's to Luke, whom, I didn't realize was going to be in this movie, so I was really surprised, I was like nah, it, it can't be and I was like yes yes it is after awhile, and I literally screamed with excitement in my heart because it was Mark Hamill and I didn't really know if he was going to be in the movie, because, they had kind of a problem seeing how Hamill's done the Joker's voice, and I like that, he doesn't use his voice, it's letting all the suspense build up, and then the credits roll. But I really do feel it should have been an after credits scene.

I know there's more to come as it's two more movies, but I mean this movie could have been so much better, and the director should really choose between the acting or the pacing, because really in my opinion you can't choose both, and I think for Star Wars, just let the acting do the work. I know it's gonna be like Mad Max Fury Road and every thing, heck, even this whole movie felt like a Mad Max Fury Road movie, but I mean, there's good in there, even though I felt the pacing was a little too fast or too slow, so I mean just control I guess.

And really I don't mind this movie, I'll take it over the prequels any day even though, Ben Solo(Kylo Ren), is much like Anakin, but I digress.

I really hope they take this to a higher level, I loved that the mythos is back now with Rey, I hope she's not Ben's sister, she's most probably going to be the new Yoda(Luke)'s kid but we're still not sure, but progress it try something new, a new story line, now that you've destroyed the Death Star 3.0, don't give us a Death Star 4.0, give that general guy to do something with the new Empire right? Use the Storm Troopers more. But for now, I'll have to settle for this.
And don't get me wrong it was an awesome ride and totally worth watching.

All I can say is, may the force be with you and let the box office records speak for itself.


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