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So close to Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and the beginning of the DC Extended Universe!!! Seems the wait has been so long. Finally, we get to see Batman and Superman on a movie screen together. Not to mention Wonder Woman will make her cinematic debut. Both will be a first and historic moments for sure; March 25, 2016 can't get here soon enough. And while so many are focused on the fight between Batman and Superman in the upcoming blockbuster what has had me pondering is what villain is big enough to warrant a Dawn of Justice? By now we have all seen the second Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer that features Doomsday.

And while Doomsday is best known for killing Superman in his comic history; historically Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman have never had a problem defeating the Kryptonian beast as a team.

The Trinity vs Doomsday

So my expectation is that Doomsday will definitely be defeated in Dawn of Justice and defeated easily. So then who could fill the Big Bad antagonist that forces the heroes of Earth to band together? Well obviously it would have to be a threat that is as powerful as the god like heroes of the Justice League. And naturally that would make the average comic book nerd think of The New Gods; specifically Darkseid. But how to tie that into this new DCEU? Well director of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League: Part 1, Zack Snyder, is on record emphasizing the importance of Wonder Woman as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

"She plays a super-important part In a lot of ways, she’s the gateway drug to 
the rest of the 
Justice League."

Now obviously Wonder Woman is not going to be the villain; however, in the comics Wonder Woman and the Amazon's had a very interesting connection with the New Gods (DC Gods) that would seemingly go very well with Zack's statement about Wonder Woman.

Justice League: The Darkseid War

Now before you discount my theory without reading further there is one fact that you should be aware of. Geoff Johns who is one of the executive producer for all the DC Extended Universe movies is also the Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics and writer of Justice League: The Darkseid War. So Geoff will have some influence on how the DC Extended Universe is molded. With that said I do not think this particular comic book run will be adapted straight to the movie screen but instead be used as canon source material to help bring the DC Extended Universe to life. Now that I have that out of the way let me get back to Wonder Woman and how her being the gateway drug to the Justice League may relate to The Darkseid War.

This theory starts with the birth of Wonder Woman. For those that are not aware the new 52 origin of Wonder Woman is based on her finding out that she had been lied to by her mother, Hippolyta Queen of the Amazons, that the Princess was molded of clay and given life by Hera who is the wife of the Greek God Zeus. Turns out that the truth was Hippolyta in a moment of weakness after a great one on one battle with Zeus......

Hippolyta and Zeus going at it.....

......and another battle between the sheets

Hippolyta and Zeus REALLY going at it.....

......Zeus left Hippolyta with child and that child was Wonder Woman/Diana.

Well turns out in the Justice League: The Darkseid War story line on the night that Wonder Woman was born another Demi-God Amazon was born. While Princess Diana was the product of the Greek God Zeus; the other Amazon Demi-God that was born that night is the product of The New God Darkseid. Darkseid is the villain of all villains in the DC universe and has been the Justice League's biggest threat for decades (Who is Darkseid). So, who is this Demi-God Amazon that was fathered by Darkseid?

Grail: Daughter of Darkseid

Yes she has the Trident, Belt and Lasso
Yes she has the Trident, Belt and Lasso

Grail's mother was the Amazonian lead assassin Myrina and reported directly to Queen Hippolyta. No details on how Myrina met Darkseid only that she had his child in secret. When Grail was born it was prophesied by Amazonian oracle Menalippe that Grail would cause great destruction. When Menalippe attempted to kill the child for the better good; Myrina murdered Menalippe and fled Themyscira with Grail. Myrina trained Grail as an Amazon warrior and taught her to hate Darkseid. Grail also inherited some of Darkseid's ability to include his Omega beams that she shoots from her eyes. In the comics Grail is a powerful character. It seems that she is more powerful than Wonder Woman which could make her a formidable opponent to the Justice League by herself. And if that does not peak your interest; Grail's Amazonian and New God heritage could be the bridge that eventually draws the attention of Darkseid to Earth in the DC Extended Universe.

Darkseid: Grail.....I am your father

Couldn't help using a Star Wars reference
Couldn't help using a Star Wars reference

Obviously we have already seen Easter Eggs of Darkseid in the the latest DC Extended Universe trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Darkseid's Army?

Grail also has history with Anti-Monitor who is also a villain that also has appeared in the Justice League: The Darkseid War run. Seems Grail's hate for her father Darkseid caused her to plot alone side Anti-Monitor to kill Darkseid. Her connection with Anti-Monitor would make a seemless introduction of another powerful villain into the DC Extended Universe. While this villain does not have nearly the history that Darkseid does he does present a formidable force that would require the full attention of Justice League.


Anti-Monitor has gotten pretty interesting of late. Not only is he responsible for more deaths than any villain in the DC universe as he has destroyed thousands of Universes but he also has beef with Darkseid. This villain on villain battle could make Suicide Squad look like Gargamel versus Azrael (yes from the Smurfs).

Darkseid vs Anti-Monitor

And apparently Anti-Monitor's real name is Mobius.

Your Mama named you Mobius Imma call you Mobius
Your Mama named you Mobius Imma call you Mobius

For those not familiar, Mobius is the name of Metron's time and space traveling chair which makes Anti-Monitor just that more complex because obviously the chair is his.

Before moving on to Metron it is also worth mentioning that Anti-Monitor is a long time nemesis of the Green Lantern Corp. That connection could be key in a movie because obviously no Lanterns are any where to be found in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. If Anti-Monitor targets Earth we could possibly see Hal Jordan or John Stewart join the Justice League.

The Green Lantern Corp

Metron is a New God who has a serious thirst for knowledge and travels throughout the galaxy and through time to get that knowledge. He also has the ability to change or affect events in the timeline as he see fits. His claim to fame is that he is not on the side of good or evil; however, he absolutely wants to keep Darkseid in check and Mobius chair allows him to do that. I can see Metron possibly changing an catostophic event in the DC Extended Universe to keep him from having to deal with Darkseid's absolute power over the galaxy. Grail's now working relationship with Anti-Monitor and blood relationship with Darkseid make Metron a play in the DC Extended Universe.

Metron in his Mobius Chair

I personally think the New Gods is the direction the DCEU should go as far as antagonist for the Justice League. They have a lot of layers that could cross over into several movies. There are several potential villains that I did not mention that are associated with the New Gods as well. And to make things even more complicated all of the New Gods are not evil.

But remember none of this could be possible with out Grail's blood connection to the New God's and to the Amazon's.

The Justice League is basically a team of gods. In fact even Wonder Woman, who is use to seeing god's and god like being, views league members as gods. Well everyone except Batman but hey.....he's Batman. And I'm sure he would find a way to the man among god's.

Bat-God in the Mobius Chair

Never doubt Batman!!!
Never doubt Batman!!!

Well that is a direction I would like the DC Extended Universe. I have always said that there is no need for a hero if there is no viable villain. DC has a rich gallery of villains which includes worthy villains for the Justice League. Recently it was reported by Heroic Hollywood that a Zack Snyder montage will be used during the end credit scenes. It would awesome to see one of these villains mixing it up with Justice League members.

But hey those are just a few thoughts that I have for the DCEU and making sense to Zack Snyder's quote that Wonder Woman is the gateway drug to the Justice League. What are your thoughts? Any potential villains that you would like to see the Justice League take on in a live action movie? Do you like the idea of introducing the Darkseid Demi-God, Grail as the villain that eventually makes it necessary to form a Justice League? What about Anti-Monitor and Metron? Please share your thoughts below.


Should Grail be the gateway drug to the Justice League?

Are you excited about the DC Extended Universe?


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