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Hello reader! Before we get started, I would like to tell you guys that from now on, I will be posting twice a week, once on Monday and once on Friday. If I get bored, I may post more, but this is the format that I will be following for the foreseeable future. Without further ado, let’s get into this post.

Yesterday, I made a post about Budapest, which is a film that fans desperately want, but which Disney/Marvel has so far refused to bring to the big screen. So today, I decided to make a poster based around another fan-desired film, Planet Hulk. I largely based this poster off of the comic book covers, but tweaked a few things. Instead of Hulk having his palm on the planet, it is floating in the middle of his two arms. There’s also the signature question: Will he save their world? Or will he destroy it? This is based off of a promotion poster format, to get people excited about the movie.

Planet Hulk
Planet Hulk


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