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Baldwin Collins

Many Hollywood actors, producer's, screenplay-writers, and other artists. have left us during the year 2015. Many from the beginning of the year, One such is the Legendary Rod Taylor whose last appearance on film, was probably Quentin Tarantino's ''Inglorious Bastards '' movie. As sir Winston Churchill. Rod Taylor was an house-hold name during the swinging years of the wide-screen cinema's, However i sat down over the Christmas holiday's and re-watched two of my favorite rod Taylor movies, in memory of him. the first one 'Alfred Hitchcock's ''the Bird's'' (1963 ) obviously not a Christmas themed movie, but still in the memory.

A horror film that starred Rod Taylor and Hollywood star Tippi Hedren i wasn't able to watch this movie Back in the 70's era when it aired on Television i was much too young a school boy to see it, Watching it now after years of viewing seems tame to what is being shown as horror films in today's world. But ''The Bird's'' still offer a reminder on how special effects we're achieved back then. If this film was made today it probably would've had a sequel in the works by now.

''The time machine'' ( 1960) i had seen in the early 70's era when i should've been doing home school work, captured my imagination instantly, Bringing rod Taylor's character H,G, WELLS to my Attention. The movie was directed by George pal who had Intended to make a sequel, But un-fortunately died before the plans could be realized. However this movie for me is still a Christmas Fantasy family movie. and i certainly still find it entertaining. ''THE LATE ROD TAYLOR (1930) TO (2015) R.I.P.


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