ByMauro Mate, writer at

One of the most important actions in the civil war comics was creating the cyborg version of Thor, Thor Ragnarok (not related to the 2017 movie storyline) after the cyborg Thor kills Goliath team captain America starts taking everything more personal and are more afraid, while team IronMan starts to break down due to the assasination of an old partner, My theory is that in Captain America: civil war Stark will create a similiar concept of the Thor cyborg which isnt afraid to kill but instead of Thor, He will use the body of quicksilver, which will kill captain America, making Bucky want to rip off Iron man's arc reactor and kill him (explaining the scene in the trailer where you could read his lips saying "Steve's dead" while he pulls the reactor out) + causing scarlett witch to hate Iron man in a much more personal way for using his brother as an assasin. while very mad Wanda kills or seriously injures war machine. (Explaining why Rhodey is in the floor without his arc reactor, Wanda took revenge by ripping his reactor same way he did with Ultron's 'Heart'


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