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If you think this sounds lame, well you might be right (this is the internet,and I thought this would be fun). This article is here to give props to those blockbusters, or to those shows that you might actually sit and watch live (that is the biggest recommendation possible to give to a show). Why give blockbusters props when they all ready made more money than you can literally imagine (think about a billion dollars in actual physical money)? As much I would like to sound sophisticated, (I am looking forward to The Revenant) most of the big award shows nominations does not ignite excitement like these fine choices. Obviously the award is being mentioned on this post. No further ado, I give to you something I thought up today, The Kurty's!

Best Trailer of 2015

*Suicide Squad (Warner Brothers)

*Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (Warner Brothers)

* Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (Paramount)

* Captain America: Civil War (Marvel Studios)

* X-Men: Apocalypse (Fox)

The Winner is.....

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, I enjoyed all these trailers, but the goal of a trailer is to make you want to watch the movie. This trailer turned zero interest into piqued.

Best Fight Scene in a Television Show

* Arrow- Thea's Tracking Shot fighting a Ghost (CW)

* Daredevil- Tracking Shot against The Russians (Netflix)

* The Flash- Flash battles Zoom (CW)

* Game of Thrones- Jon Snow Vs a White Walker (HBO)

* Jessica Jones- Jessica Jones Vs Luke Cage (Netflix)

The winner is....

The Flash- If you seen this fight scene you would understand, it was brutal and unexpected. Daredevil's came in a close second, but wow what an introduction to Zoom.

Best Fight Scene in a Movie

*Avengers: Age of Ultron- Hulkbuster Vs The Hulk (Marvel Studios)

*Kingsman: The Secret Service- Harry Hart's church massacre (Fox)

*Ant-Man- Ant-Man Vs Yellow Jacket (Marvel Studios)

* Jurassic World- Blue and T-Rex Vs Indominus Rex (Universal)

* Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation- Ilsa Faust VS That Douchey European Guy (Paramount)

The winner is....

Avengers: Age of Ultron- This was one of the most awesome things I have ever seen! I am sure people will have different opinions, but this is where it was at!

Best Animated Television Show

* Star Wars Rebels (Disney XD)

* Guardians of the Galaxy (Disney XD)

* Rick and Morty (Cartoon Network)

* Archer (FX)

* South Park (Comedy Central)

The winner is....

Rick and Morty- This show is one of the most clever things on, anywhere at anytime. I know where is The Simpsons,or Family Guy on this list of mine? In my opinion (which is really only valuable to me, but I do watch a lot of TV) these were the best in 2015.

Best Sitcom on Television

* Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Nextflix)

* The Grinder (Fox)

* Brooklyn-99 (Fox)

* Fresh off the Boat (ABC)

* Silicon Valley (HBO)

The winner is.....

Brooklyn-99- Anybody who watches this show and does not fall in love with the ensemble really makes me wonder if they're human?

Best Villain in Film or Televison

* Wilson Fisk- Daredevil (Netflix)

* Zebediah Kilgrave- Jessica Jones (Netflix)

* Indominus Rex- Jurassic World (Universal)

* Kylo Ren- Star Wars: The Force Awakens (LucasFilm)

* Damien Darhk- Arrow (CW)

The winner is.....

Damien Darhk- Kilgrave was absolutely deprave, but Darhk's performance is as menacing as it is fun!

Best Supporting Actor/Actress in Film or Television

* Evangeline Lily- Ant-Man (Marvel Studios)

* Paul Walker- Furious 7 (Universal)

* Melissa Fumero- Brooklyn-99 (Fox)

* Carlos Valdes- The Flash (CW)

* Emily Bett Rickards- Arrow (CW)

The winner is....

Carlos Valdes- Cisco is easily one of most underrated characters on TV, due to being on the better-than-you-think CW. Melissa Fumero came in a very close second with the hilarious Amy Santiago.

Best Actor/Actress in a Movie

* Daisy Ridley- Star Wars: The Force Awakens (LucasFilm)

* Rebecca Ferguson- Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation ( Paramount)

* Chris Pratt- Jurassic World (Universal)

* Paul Rudd- Ant-Man (Marvel Studios)

* Vin Diesel- Furious 7 (Universal)

The winner is.....

Daisy Ridley- She was the best part, in the biggest movie ever. What she did to Kylo Ren, the definition of badassery. Also the biggest complaint (no spoilers), could she really be just that awesome?

Best Actor/Actress in a Television Show

*Krysten Ritter- Jessica Jones (Netflix)

*Charlie Cox- Daredevil (Netflix)

*Elle Kemper- Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix)

* Mellisa Benoist- Supergirl (CBS)

* Rose McIver-IZombie (CW)

The winner is.....

Charlie Cox- Anyone that can make me forget that one movie, with that one guy, deserves this award. Yeah I probably should of split this into two categories, but that would of been against the integrity of these awards (Really, No)

Best Television Show

* IZombie (CW)

* Daredevil (Netflix)

* The Flash (CW)

* Game of Thrones (HBO)

* The Walking Dead (AMC)

The winner is....

The Flash- Week in and week out this show impresses the masses. Game of Thrones is the obvious choice,but for some reason this whole ensemble makes this the best show.

Best Film of the Year

* Ant-Man (Marvel Studios)

* Avengers: Age of Ultron (Marvel Studios)

* Kingsman: The Secret Service (Fox)

* Star Wars: The Force Awakens (LucasFilm)

* Inside Out (Pixar)

The winner is.....

Star Wars: The Force Awakens- I know, I know this is cliche, but the heart wants, what the heart wants!

Thank you so much for reading, and please feel free to disagree!


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