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Star Wars: The Force Awakens is all anybody is talking about nowadays. And for good reason: this is a legendary story that has been spanning over three decades. And can we mention how badass Rey, Finn, and BB-8 are? Also, there is no greater feeling than nostalgia when your favorite characters from the previous films make an appearance as well.

If you're late to the party, do not fret. Later is better than never. Be sure to check out the killer trailer below, as it is sure to get you into that intergalactic mood:

Fans of the franchise are feeling inspired and have created these incredible works of art honoring the film. Check them out below:

1. Rey and BB-8

First off, it's not easy to pull off that strange bun/mohawk hairdo. Secondly, just look at that sly look Rey is giving us. That is too fierce.

[Source: DaveAlvarez]

2. Finn

Finn is such a win, and John Boyega was incredible in the role as this brave fighter.

[Source: Bobby Pontillas]

3. The Gang

This is the gang that really knows how to make a bang...and bring down a few bad guys in the process.

[Source: Jeff Delgado]

4. Rey and BB-8

This watercolor painting is simply gorgeous.

[Source: Lari Alejandro]

5. Rey Pencil Drawing

I wish my hair looked as voluptuous as Rey's hair in this pencil drawing.

[Source: Margaux Kindhauser]

I am simply blown away by this incredible fan art considering my lack of skill in drawing, painting, or even making simple stick figures.

I think I'll leave it to these talented artist who have an eye and the skills to draw and paint our favorite characters. You have to admit, BB-8 is such an adorable work of art.


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