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Baldwin Collins

The real life scientist, Dr. Dian Fossey well known, world-wide for her work with the rare Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda, Africa. is remembered today the 29th of december 2015. on her mysterious death 30 years ago December 29. (1985). apparently found in her cabin, presumed murdered. an unsolved case that remains a mystery to this day. However her story was adapted to film titled ''GORILLAS IN THE MIST'' (1988).

The movie starred Sigourney Weaver and Bryan Brown in a plot that explains how Dian played by weaver, came to Africa to study the Mountain Gorillas, but end-ups finding out that the Gorillas are an endangered species hunted and killed by Pouchers in need of they're body parts and fur. The film had received positive reviews from critics on it's release Back then. praising actress Sigourney Weaver on her performance. The film was Nominated for 5 Oscar awards at the 61st Academy awards in (1988) but never won any. But the film won two Golden Globe awards the following year (1989) at the 46th Golden Globe awards. THE LATE DR. DIAN FOSSEY REMEMBERED ON THIS DAY R.I.P.


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