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Been a massive SW fan my whole life
Nathan Archer

Ok I have seen many posts and comments on how Kylo is basically Revan, how the masks are the same and things like that. Now as a SWTOR player (former KOTOR player too) this is kind of insulting to Revan. Any fan of the Star Wars EU will know that Kylo is essentially Jacen Solo (NOT BEN!!!). As we all know Jacen was the expanded universe's version of Anakin, joining the Dark side for a reason that couldn't be proved, that's my opinion but of course everyone is entitled to their own. Now Revan on the other hand was a former Jedi Knight who was controlled by the then Sith Emperor he then broke free of the mind control along with Darth Malak and the rest is history. Now that we have a back story on both lets start with the facts. The time between Revan and Kylo is about 3880 years give or take, now granted there are many who have lived for hundred if not thousands of years but age does show on them so even if Revan was that strong with the Force he wouldn't look mid 20's. Also for people who haven't completed SWTOR: Shadow of Revan, he becomes one with Force. Now there are some similarities between the two, they wear both wear masks, both started as Jedi then became Sith but you can clearly see that Kylo's mask is loosely modelled on Vader's, an extension of his obsession with his grandfather. Revan's mask used to belong to a Mandalorian woman, he found it on the planet of Cathar.


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