Just yesterday released the very first photos of Doctor Strange.

While fans have been enjoying the photos with everything they have, there have been some reports saying that the necklace holds an infinity stone.

In another post I've written I talked about how this stone was most likely the Soul stone, yet another website (comic has speculated that the stone May in fact be the time stone. Here's what the head chief had to say about the movie...

What Kevin Fiege had to say about the necklace does point towards the Time stone being in the necklace. What doesn't make sense is that the stone is green. In the picture below the Soul gem is green and Time is orange.

Now of course colors don't really matter sense Marvel hasn't stuck with the same ones anyway, but it still confuses me to how the Time stone would work in a Doctor Strange movie, personally, I think t has more of a Soul gem kind of vibe.

"Screwing around with time" could also mean while you were trippin around in the other realities and in the multiverse, time still went on, once you come out it could have years, weeks, hours since you left, and that seems to go along with the Doctor Strange tone

So What do you think?

Is the Eye of Agamotto hold the Soul or Time gem? Let me know in the comments.


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