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Alright, in this episode... bad shit happens. So the episode opens with Pablo and Kelly finding Ash and Evil Ash fighting and they can't tell the two apart.

They figure out which one's the real Ash after noticing some differences. One being that while Ash may be racist, he's not racist against Asians, and how he was willing to be sacrificed (well, it more "just shoot me"). Then the Deadite fodder- err, I mean, the hikers from the last episode end up at cabin. So Kelly and Pablo try to get them out of the woods while Ash get intimate with himself in the cabin. And by that I mean he cuts up the body of Evil Ash. But while he's doing that...

Yep, the Necronomicon starts talking to Ash and try's to get him to use the power of the book. And while Ash was distracted, Fisher's body disappears. But while Pablo, Kelly, and the hikers are in the woods (after shooting the hell out of a racoon), they get attacked by, well...

Yep, Amanda Fisher is now a Deadite. Kelly and Pablo try to kill her, but it doesn't go well and leads to Fisher killing two of the hikers and using them as puppets. Things aren't looking well until they're saved by Ruby, but Deadite Fisher escapes. They head back to the cabin and Ash and Ruby finally meet and discuss whether Ash has done more harm than good. They decide that it may be for the best to give the book to Ruby since she says she knows how to stop the book. Ash uses Ruby's Kandarian dagger to literally deface the book by cutting its face off and giving it to Ruby (while hesitating at first). Ruby start reading from the book and the face of the Necronomicon rises and attacks Pablo.

And as things seem to get worse, the episode ends with Ruby revealing that she wrote the Necronomicon.

This episode was really good. It's great to see Ash finally meet Ruby and Ruby getting to kick some more ass. Amanda becoming a Deadite is no real surprise, but the effects were great and it's interesting with her toying with our heroes a bit and enjoying it. Next week is the season finale, and I'm a little sad since that means it will be the last episode for a while.

But still, this was a good episode. I give it 10 out of 10 chainsaws.


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