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Stuff you already knew right? (SPOILERS AHEAD FOR THE FORCE AWAKENS!)

  • 4 Expansion Packs
  • 2 Week Early Access
  • Shoot First Emote
  • 4 Additional Heroes and Villains
  • 4 New Game Modes
  • 16 New Maps
  • 20 Pieces of Galactic Tech (Star Cards, Vehicles, Weapons, etc)

Here's another clip before I get started.

Clone Wars is hands down my favorite era in Star Wars, so for it not to be brought into this new game disappointed me at first. And I have also seen The Force Awakens twice now, so I wouldn't mind seeing Rey, Fin, Kylo Ren, etc in the season pass. However, when he put it in this perspective, I was perfectly fine with it because he made a very good point.

At this point in time, the Clone Wars would need its own game.

Since Star Wars: Battlefront II, a magical show called Star Wars: The Clone Wars has come about. This takes place at least 20 years before the original trilogy so it wouldn't make sense for a Rebel soldier to have a weapon decades before he/she was born. For more check out my Star Wars Battlefront: Clone Wars post.

The Force Awakens needs more content.


Okay, here we go. That movie would offer the following to the season pass.

  • Kylo Ren (Villain)
  • Captain Phasma (Villain)
  • Stormtroopers (New skins)
  • New weapons
  • Rey Skywalker (Hero)
  • Fin (Hero)
  • Po (Hero)
  • Han's freighter
  • Starkiller Base

Yeah, they maybe could add that to the season pass because it's not as big as the Clone Wars as far as content goes. But I still feel like the new trilogy could possibly get it's own game. So maybe three or four years down the road when we get Star Wars episodes VIII and IX.

Now for my ideas on the season pass

Star Wars: Battlefront II
Star Wars: Battlefront II

First up, I think we'll get Tantive IV. If they seriously are focusing on the original trilogy, then this is definitely map 1/16. However, I think with next gen consoles we can take it a step further. What if when you play this, as the Imperials you actually board the ship just like in the movie? Have that be a kind of game mode, we are getting 4 new ones after all. That, and the Rebel uniforms aboard that ship would be cool to customize.

Save Alderaan!

Including Alderaan would be fun. Say the Rebels and the Empire are going at it on the ground, you look to the sky and see the Death Star. I know this didn't happen in the movie, but if the Rebels win on the ground, the Death Star is destroyed and Alderaan is saved. Should the Imperials win, Alderaan is destroyed with everyone on it.

Death Star

The Force tells me that we will definitely get the Death Star in the season pass! This, like Alderaan, would be a unique map. The Death Star would be in Alderaan airspace, so when you do the space battle, you see Alderaan. Same goes here, if the Rebels win on the Death Star, it is destroyed. If the Imperials win, it is saved. Squadron Mode would probably be to destroy the Death Star. Again, Rebels win, Death Star destroyed, Alderaan saved. Empire wins, Alderaan destroyed, Death Star saved. I think it would be cool to have AI have Ben Kenobi and Darth Vader fight in the background.

Yavin IV

This map was fun no matter what side or era you were on and no matter what battlefront game you were playing. I'm sure we'll get this map too. Let's remember that we are getting 16 new maps! I only have about 9 ideas.


I sense that we'll get Dagobah and maybe even Yoda as a playable Jedi. I am pretty sure that we'll get Ben Kenobi and Chewbacca. We might get Lando too. With these new maps though, I'd really like more survival and training missions.


Bespin Cloud City
Bespin Cloud City

Would you lookee there!? A command post! I miss the capturing command posts, control points aren't the same. I hope that's part of the season pass. Besides that, I'm confident Bespin is in this dlc. I mean it is where he found out that Vader was his father...

Bespin Platforms
Bespin Platforms

I don't know what it is, but I liked the first game better. Maps, Temuera Morrison voiced the clones, air combat will troops are on the ground, etc.


Even though this wasn't in the original trilogy, it would make sense that Kamino would have been a target for both sides. With a Sith Lord not being in control of the clone army, the Rebel Alliance would have jumped on the opportunity to make a clone army to give them the upper hand. As for the Empire, they can't risk a clone army against them. The Rebels defend the cloning facility and the Empire is there to destroy it.


Coruscant was the capital city of the Empire. I am sure everything went to shit for the Imperials when the Death Star II was destroyed and Vader AND Palpatine both K.I.A. I feel like Luke would have led a mission to restore order. That, and I'm sure with his crew he could have led them into the ruined Jedi Temple in search of a Holocron. As far as the Empire was concerned, there was no need to destroy or hide them. What Jedi would be stupid enough to come to Coruscant? Hmmm not so much of a problem when the Empire has fallen.


This is Naboo from both the first and second game. This was Palpatine's home world. Just like Kamino and Coruscant, Naboo's importance from the Clone Wars translates right into the Galactic Civil War. I am sure the Imperial presence on Naboo was crucial in the war. With the Empire fallen, Luke would probably get Naboo on the side of the Rebel Alliance (It was so hard for me to not type New Republic!). Now I'd like to see these maps, but I'm not expecting them like I expect the Death Star.

Jabba's Palace

I think maybe Jabba's Palace, but a bigger scale with Lando in the mix? Even though I'm not sure how much more interactive we can get since we had the Sarlacc pit AND the Rancor Pit. Anything is possible though. Anything is possible.

Let's not forget our beasties!

Tauntauns! You all know this picture is gold!

Can't forget Wampas either.

Yes this is exactly what it looks like. These stormtroopers are about to get r3kt by a dude playing as and Ewok. That, and come on Ewoks are totally the Grunts of Star Wars.

No? Okay moving on

I think it would be cool to have other locals to play as in the season pass. Some people love the Tusken Raiders.

What about now? No? Okay...

New Heroes

I definitely feel that we will get these characters in the season pass. Not so sure about Yoda because he didn't fight in the original trilogy. Unless the make him like the Emperor and have Yoda be a strictly Force user and no lightsaber. I have no idea who other villains could be though. Please share your ideas in the comments!

And that concludes my ideas for the season pass! I really can't wait! May the Force be with you!


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