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Happy New Year guys! I hope you all had a great one and are ready to take the bull by the horn on this New Year. 2016 is yours for the taking. Here is one New Years Resolution you can easily start; binge watching TV. If like many other people, you've been on vacation for about 2 weeks now and don't have to be back to work until Monday, the 4th of the New Year. All the presents have been opened, you've spent enough time with family members to last you until next Christmas and all the food and alcohol have been consumed. So, now what? Television of course! Time to binge watch all the TV in that you can cram before you have to head back to work. So, listen, I am the Captain now! I am the captain of helping you binge watching TV. Here is a simple and handy guide to start. Binge Watching can be a stressful but oh so fun when you can join in on the conversation with everyone at the office.

1. Make a list

Don't go in blindly, young one. That's where the nail biting comes in. Where do I start? Which show do I begin with? Mad Men or Breaking Bad? Have a list of the shows you want to get through and slowly start crossing them off. You have to have a plan. Pick one show and get through the whole season or series before moving on to the next one.

2. Make sure you have the time

The beauty of binge watching is that you don't have to be anywhere while you consume 10 hours of TV. You get to be inside your house and and enter another world for a while without leaving the comfort of your couch. Make sure you actually have the time to commit to bing watching. Don't start a show and then you have to leave an hour later. You're missing the whole point of BINGE WATCHING!

3. Snacks

Do you really want to sit through 10 hours of TV without having something to eat? No. And you don't want to have to get up every few moments to get something to eat especially when the climax of a show is happening. Don't ruin that moment for yourself. Get your snacks in order before you start. Call the delivery person, place the order on Postmate or Grubhub before you press play.

4. Clothes

You will be sitting down for long periods of time so make sure you have on comfortable clothes. Pajamas, sweats, leggings or maybe just some boy shorts or boxers. Whatever is comfortable for you works as long as you put on some pants when the delivery guy comes to the door.

5. Have a partner

Everything in life is better with people. Binge watching a show with someone whether it be a significant other, friend, roommate or family can be a bonding experience. It's nice to have someone next to you when something insane happens and both of you can enjoy. My roommate and I didn't really know each other when I first moved in but totally bonded over TV. Now, we're like sisters. You want to have someone next to you that you can yell, laugh and cry with. You can have inside jokes about certain scenes and characters. If you are like me, you get obsessive over good TV and it always makes it better when there is someone near that will let you talk their ear off.

6. Enjoy yourself

Great TV can be fun. The world is insane and it's a luxury to turn off the noise in the world to focus on fictional characters and their world. This is all in fun so enjoy yourself. Great TV makes life more interesting.


Take some breaks. It's not healthy for you eyes and brain to watch hours of straight TV. Take a bathroom break. Coffee break. Listen to some music. Walk the dog. Take a nap. But once that's done. Get back to BINGE WATCHING!

What are you guys binge watching?


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