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Between some less than positive relationships and... ahem... revealing clothing for female superheroes, comic books still have a few kinks that people get riled up over. While most of these critics will abhor these aspects wholesale, artist Stjepan Sejic (who you can find on DeviantArt as nebezial) manages to both admire his favorite DC characters and joke about some of their less than wholesome behaviors.

Not only that, but he also manages to draw some really impressive comic strips that everyone needs to check out. Here's just a small sampling of his work below!

Super-lovin' means super destruction

Sejic even calls back some of his previous work with some hilarious bits

And he sees connections that are downright hilarious

That's L from Death Note chilling with Batman because, you know, they've pretty much got the same vibe.

He even works in some seamless 'Frozen' references

He's got a thing for villains

Even the less famous baddies get a spot

But his love for the wicked ladies doesn't mean he won't call out their ridiculous costumes

In fact, his great commentary on costumes isn't limited to women

And his Wonder Woman is as bold as she is gorgeous

He even offers some fan service to ladies and us men who like men

And then there's this awesomely NSFW Superman sex scene

It's safe to say that there's way more where that came from, so head on over to Stjepan Sejic's DeviantArt, and you'll get even more of his trademark wit.

(Source: Nebezial's DeviantArt)


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