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I grew up with the orginal first 3 movies , I don't even consider the last 3 movies in the same great movie making class. .so I just disregard them like most of us do.......I think most of us went to see them with hopes of feeling we all felt with the first 3...after seeing those over cgi...disasters. .we just lived in the past and all said should of been put to rest at the return of the jedi!!!.Even the younger generation realized they weren't even close!....speaking for myself..I couldn't wait to see the original characters come back....I couldn't wait!!! I at first was worried about just a small cameo to introduce new characters. .but took the chance just the same...people who had saw it before me would not breath a word..which was fine..when I finally saw it...I loved had all the qualities of the first 3 movies started crying the moment Han was killed thru the end of the movie....for those of u that were raised and loved these characters. .especially Han. ....I after I stopped crying ....I asked why would u kill off the only one who had one liners who made u laugh and broke up the stress of the constant fighting / battles...which made u love the movies even more.....I understand they have to appeal to a younger generation. But after he was killed I feel like I lost a friend....I understand the plot reasoning behind it but it really hurt me...I feel these characters should of had a happy ending...if what I heard was true which I doubt..... .that Harrison Ford was the one who said I'm done....He is an ass!!!!... without good reason ! He will never be type casted...he is way past that ...I loved these people as the characters they were ..and I really feel I lost a friend.....Luke was so powerful and good...Han was the guy u either wanted to be with, be best friends with, or run to the hills away from as a boyfriend but always made u smile.....I am devastated...and hope there is a really good reason for this...


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