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For those of you have seen Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens, you know the obvious fact; Kylo Ren is the son of Han and Leia who turned to the dark side and destroyed the entire generation in which Luke Skywalker was at one time training. From Kylo Ren's reign rose the all powerful First Order which, as every movie since Episode 4, has a nice and dandy Rebel group. In The Force Awakens, this is called the Resistance.


The idea that Kylo Ren was insane for being this man who swears to never betray the Supreme Leader, Snoke, yet striving to live up to the expectations of the very well known Darth Vader was very misinterpreted. In one scene, it shows Kylo Ren by himself in a room supposively talking to Darth Vader's spirit telling him that he is feeling the light and asking him to draw him back to the dark side. People were very confused when this little teenager is living up to the greatest villain to turn back to the light side. In the scene where he was talking to Darth Vader, he told him he would "finish what he started". What Darth Vader was in the works of was ruling the entire universe no matter what and having no master above him. Darth Vader obviously never fulfilled this goal, as he was killed in Episode 6 along with Emperor Palpatine which led to the ultimate destruction of the Galactic Empire. What Kylo Ren is going for is to rule the universe with no-one above him and not turn back to the light and die like Vader did.


Hopefully if you haven't seen the movie, you haven't read this far. If you have, the one thing you were probably thinking about when you walked out of the theater was the saddening, cruel, honorable, and enraging death of the beloved smuggler, Han Solo. This scene seemed a little absurd, because it actually seemed like Kylo Ren was answering that call to the light from before and was going to come back with Han. When I watched this movie a second time, I noticed something. Kylo Ren had told Snoke before that Han Solo meant nothing to him. So would you really expect him to be brought back by someone who means nothing to him? In this iconic scene, he tells Han that he's had (and I can't remember exact words) an overwhelming pain that he needed to be taken away from him. He drops his helmet and hands Han his lightsaber. I originally took this as him giving up all of his previous ways of the dark side. I thought he was just like Finn, who wanted to ditch the First Order but didn't know how. I thought this pain was the dark side. But this pain was actually Han Solo's existence. Kylo Ren asks Han to help him take this pain away, and moments later stabs his body with a lightsaber for a solid 5 seconds. This was him taking away that pain, and Han Solo's piece of help was being there for Kylo's strike.


When you take into consideration the life of Kylo Ren, it's pretty pathetic. Kylo Ren really is a boy who hasn't finished his training yet, but still is the leader of the First Order, who is never challenged because all he is is an intimidator who destroys computers with his fancy lightsaber when he gets mad about stormtroopers that don't believe in his cruel cause. Did I mention he hadn't even finished his training yet? The one thing I didn't take into consideration when watching the forest scene was that Kylo Ren really never has had anyone who stood up to him. He's on the side of the Force that goes against the light, where no one (except Luke, who is in exile) knows how to use a lightsaber. So the fact that Kylo Ren actually has to battle someone is kind of a new concept. We saw in the beginning that the only stuff he had to was chop people in half when he didn't get a map from an old guy. If you watch closely enough, he is even caught slightly off guard when Rey fires shots at him with a laser pistol. Now it's Rey who gets slammed into a tree from a force push, and Finn who quickly goes to help her. This is where Finn finally reveals his anger to the First Order. Kylo Ren shouts out in a horrific way "Traitor!". This is when Finn pulls out the relic, Luke Skywalker's lightsaber. This is where every single Star Wars fan on the good Earth was disappointed. everyone thought from the trailer that Finn was the new Chosen One who would bring back the Jedi Order and would bring balance to the Force ever since Anakin Skywalker failed the prophecy and joined the Sith. This is when we all realized that Finn really had no connection to the Force whatsoever. As you know, Finn is basically manhandled and I assume will return with a robotic spine. You then see Kylo Ren reach for the lightsaber of Finn, where he looks disturbed. And then, what we all remember. The lightsaber flies right by Kylo Ren and into the hand of Rey. Apparently, Rey has connections to the Force. Rey then shocks Kylo Ren by manhandling him. Then we all know the part, it's a conveniently placed cliff where Kylo Ren attempts to turn Rey to the dark side.

Kylo Ren acknowledges that Rey has the Force. Kylo Ren is also acknowledging that she has the light, and the attempt of seducton comes. The music then swells up, and Rey begins whooping Kylo's butt and eventually leaves him on the ground, speechless.


I think that in Episode VIII, Kylo Ren and Rey will become each other's nemesis' and that Rey will be trained by Luke. Rey will then become the one to destroy the First Order and the Jedi at last will become the almighty power in the galaxy again.

-Andrew Trimble // December 30, 2015


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