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Magic is recreated on the eve of New Year with new Hollywood blockbusters like Gravity, Final Destination 4, Parker and Step Up Revolution. You can watch the show telecast on English movie channels in the prime time.

New Year celebrations are replete with entertainment this time. Why would it not be? You have many high-definition English movie channels to look for. Movies fill our lives with joy anytime. They add a dash of laughter to every moment and do not let the pall of gloom descend over you. Hop on the merry-go-round at the end of this year to watch the latest blockbusters again during holidays. What else you want apart from cutting the New Year cake, dancing around the snowman and sharing loads of goodies. Take a peek into what is being offered this December month. The bucket list of fun begins with.


It is a science fiction thriller that was released in 2013. Stars like George Clooney and Sandra Bullock fight out to not let go easily even in the most difficult situations. Unfortunately, they are stuck in the universe when their space shuttle is destroyed midway and their subsequent attempts to reach out to earth are thwarted. Alfonso Cuaron beautifully captures the theme that those who persist, can only succeed till the end even when the scenario is unforgiving. The heart-pounding sequences are adrift when a veteran astronaut, Matt Kowalski (Clooney) and a biomedical engineer, Ryan Stone (Bullock) are compelled to struggle for existence. Get technically bedazzled but stay lonely like 127 hours and watch the emotional conflict of space explorers. The adventure gets tense when we cannot figure out what keeps us humans going.


This 2013 film is an action thriller with Jennifer Lopez and Jason Statham in the lead. The flick by Taylor Hackford, is based on a novel, Flashfire. It tells the story of a professional thief, Parker who seeks revenge from his former accomplices. The reason? He follows a certain code of ethics in his life profession which get violated. Now, the only way out is to play dirty for proving his point.

Final Destination 4

The Final Destination as we call it, is a 2009 horror thriller film made under the direction of David R. Ellis. Fourth in the series of five, this flick starts with a premonition of Nick (Bobby Campo) who is a college student. After that, he is set to defeat death with the help of his girlfriend, Lori Milligan (Shantel VanSanten). Just like its previous installments, this movie is able to establish the fact that nobody can defy nature. You can foresee your fate but cannot run over it as there is no escape to reality.

Step Up Revolution

It is like a breath of fresh air in the atmosphere of thrillers. There is dance and romance in this 2012 film which is fourth in series. Emily (Kathryn McCormick) aspires to become a dancing artist professionally. She comes to Miami and falls for Sean (Ryan Guzman), the leader of a dance troupe called The Mob that performs flash mobs. Life takes an unexpected turn when their historic neighborhood is about to be destroyed, displacing many people. It is then the dancing couple come together to turn their performing skills into a protest art fighting for a social cause.

You may experience the fun in December on high-definition Hollywood movie channels while you are waiting to celebrate New Year.


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