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Sara Michelle

Dear 2015,

Let’s start at the beginning. I don’t know how I feel about you yet, it doesn’t really feel like a year has been and gone. You broke my heart, destroyed, and tore my life apart, bit by bit. I wouldn’t know where to begin though, because the years before you I took my life for granted. I thought I would always have have everything I did before. You had thought me that life is constantly changing and that I was deluding myself by thinking my life would never change before I was ready for it too. The certain carelessness that brought about new experiences and new lessons learned. You saw healing and strength that the previous years had never witnessed. You saw recklessness and mistakes, but you also harbor precious memories within your walls. Within the 365 homes you’ve built, each hold a memory that is perfect in its own sense.

It has been a year of courage, controversy, to fight like hell for what you believe in for yourself. You pulled at the strings to create equality, protect, of staying weird, the birth of a princess, death and violence however you also brought great joy and happiness. You gave me feelings, so strong, that I can’t feel love for anyone else. So strong that my outlook on life is different. I never want to see another year like you, I just want to live like I used to. No worries, no regrets, no heartbreak. No hurting, no crying, nothing. Please be kind. Families are dying. Mothers, fathers, sons & daughters. Please show some mercy. Please bring peace to our hearts and clarity to our minds. Show us the best way to a better future in America. Unite us as one people. But above all, please be kind. We mourn the loss of every soul taken from us too soon, may they all rest in paradise. Dear 2016, help me say sorry. Help me dream again. Help me become the person I used to be. I’m ready for you.

With Love,

Sara Michelle


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