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If anyone really is a Star Wars fan they will know that the saga's creator George Lucas was a student or at the very least heavily influenced my mythology historian Joseph Campbell, author of The Power of Myth. JC as I'll reference him henceforth speaks to the driving force of mythology in human story, how mythology developed and why it developed? All of the iconography and lore of Star Wars seems so familiar to us because it has been with us for countless millennia. It is welded into the collective human archetype, into our collective consciousness. The Hero/Heroine has great odds to overcome, there are challenges and consequences along the way that are laced with lessons for that Heroine/Hero. Those lessons become our lessons. We love it because it is our collective story of survival and triumph against a hostile environment that we have seemingly mastered. What does all of this and JC and GL and the Force have to do with Finn and this post? I say everything. Finn (4 Letters)most certainly is a Jedi, He woke his own consciousness or shall we say "Force" up. His own inner compass led him to do what was right. Kylo Ren (7 letters) even senses the "Force" in Finn. This is why he pauses and stares at Finn before he embarks for the cruiser. Finn's relationship with Rey (3 letters) is also significant. He has an undying connection to her and so does she to him. Just as we are with our mates physically and energetically we are 2 sides of the same coin, opposites, male/female, Yin and Yang. If you note her name has 3 letters representative of the feminine principle (spirit, pre-manifestation) and he has 4 letters in his name indicative of the masculine principle(physical, manifestation, foundation). Together Rey and Finn combine (7) to defeat or at least subdue Kylo Ren (7). Seven represents completion, The Spiritual and Physical coming into one. Who better for Jedi Rey to be wedded to Jedi Finn, creating a perfect 7. Here's the link to George Lucas Speaking about the Power of Myth to shed some light on my take on Finn, Rey, Star Wars and our Human condition: THE MYTHOLOGY OF STAR WARS # SelfDirectedEvolution # FinnAndRey twitter: @BlackDjedi


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