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Seems like these days, the only guys from The Walking Dead who get all the attention are the good ones (except Negan of course). The baddies get the shaft! Do they deserve it? Well...kind of, yeah. But the actors who play them don't!

Case in point: with Lauren Cohan being in the news so much, what with her new hairstyle:

And her killer buh buh buh body, from Shape magazine:

And a new movie! If you hate dolls, might want to stay away from this one...

We need to talk a little more about the bad guys.

Some of the good guys just got covered in this post, so let's take a walk down memory lane with some of the bad guys of TWD!

The original bad guy, Ed Peletier

Adam Minarovich

Born in 1977, Adam really doesn't have the film & TV credits that most the cast does. On top of that, he was only in a handful of episodes in the first season of TWD before he became walker food. His first credit was in Juwanna Mann as an uncredited restaurant guest, somewhere from this scene I'm assuming:

I couldn't find Juwanna Mann handy on Netflix or anywhere, so, I did what any good moviepiloter would do. I creeped! And I found that, unlike most hollywood stars, this guy has a public facebook page! If you want to see him before he was a star, just go here and creep on some of his baby pics yourself. I'm not going to save any and upload them here. Adam looks like he could kick my butt!

Dawn Lerner

Christine Woods

This lady was probably one of the most perplexing baddies yet. Maybe her being so hard to understand is what made her as terrifying as she was (which, turns out, wasn't really THAT terrifying).

She got her first role as Valerie in CSI: Miami when she was 22 years old.

Here are some of her scenes:

She's 33 now, but she hasn't changed much since CSI. She's been in quite a few TV shows and made for TV movies, but like Ed, she hasn't been in anything really big, either before TWD or after.


Nick Gomez

Another small name, Nick has been in a few big movies, but just small parts (he was in Dawson's Creek...don't tell him I told you all that). Here's the scene that made him internet famous:

He's appeared in quite a few shows and movies, and his first appearance was in The Cellar in 1989, when he was 11, as the 'boy with a plane,' according to IMDB.

hint: he ain't the white kid
hint: he ain't the white kid

Here's the full movie for The Cellar on youtube, if for some reason you'd like to watch

Mary, AKA Gareth's mom

Denise Crosby

The granddaughter of Bing Crosby, Denise is one of those actresses that you see on a big show like TWD, and instantly think two things; where do you know her from, and holy crap sh is gonna get real. Any Star Trek: TNG fan knows her as as Tasha Yar!

Her first role was a recurring one in Days of our Lives as Lisa Davis, in 1965, when she was just 8. Since the internet apparently doesn't have any pictures from DOOL from that year, here's Tasha Yar for yawl:

And here's Mary's final scene, complete with all her crazy talky talk, and the cussing commentary of the guys filming their television screen. Because she was a bad person-eating person in the show.

The Governor, AKA Phillip Blake

David Morrissey

One of the many British actors on the show with one hell of a good American accent, The Guv was our first introduction into the really REALLY bad baddies of the comics.

His first role was a the age of 19, as Billy Rizley in the TV mini-series One Summer, in 1983. Which is kind of nuts, considering IMDB lists his character as the main one in his first starring role. But whatevs, good job guv!

He also starred in a slightly popular show as Jackson Lake. What was the name of that show? Doctor Something?


Brighton Sharbino

Not so much a villain as a psychotic sweet looking little monster, Lizzie hasn't been on this earth long enough to get a whole lot of acting jobs under her belt, but has still appeared in shows like Hannah Montana, Barney, Once Upon a Time, NCIS, and her first, as “an emotional fan” on Friday Night Lights, At age 6, at that!

I think this is her:

right there, in the yellow...heh
right there, in the yellow...heh

Or this might be her, at the top in the blue

Because she looks emotional here:

I dunno. I'd put money on the first of the three pics being her.

Anywho, In case you forgot to look at the flowers, well here ya go-


Andrew J. West

Yet another veteran of massive amounts of TV shows, Andrew got his start at age 20, in 2006, in a short called The Last Night, as Joe Pinski. In fact, 4 out of first 5 acting jobs were shorts.

After scouring the internetz for a picture from The Last Night, all I could come up with is his fan page on Facebook, where there are a few pics from his younger days-

Here's one from his REALLY younger days-


Jeff Kober

Let's start you off with The Bite, with this second to last entry on the list:

Holy neck squirts, Batman! It looks like this guy's been in more TV shows and TV movies than all the above baddies combined! His first three, at the age of 32, in 1985, were huge shows, too. V, Highway to Heaven, and The Twilight about jumping right in with the big dogs.

Highway to Heaven is one of my all-time favorite shows, so I'll just pick that one. In part 1 and 2 of The Monster, Jeff played Julian, a disfigured artist who falls in love with a blind woman:

And scares the local brats who get to close to his windows:

And look at that, Ralphie was in those 2 episodes too!

Let's end this list right with none other than the one bad brother from another mother...


Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Not appearing till the last episode this season? Don't care. This guys is going to be the villain who out-villains all the villains. I REALLY want to post a pic from Supernatural here, even though he's played Joe DiMaggio, and will be Negan and Thomas Wayne (and he was also in Sliders...who knew!).

But alas, I must go back to 1991. Jeffrey was 25, and he starred as a pimp named Sharkey in a slightly odd looking movie called Uncaged, starring, well, prostitutes doing their prostitutey thing.

Even better than a pic, here's a GIF of Winche...gah! Here's Sharkey pushing his hair back-

Hurry up, February 14th!!!


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