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Tristan French

Wow....I can't believe how good this movie was. During the first 20 minutes, I was wondering why this movie was getting so much hype, but now I understand. Spotlight is a cinematic masterpiece. This movie is pure genius and it's hard to explain in words how good it is.

It is quite possibly one of the most realistic movies I have ever seen, along with Boyhood and a select few others. I never felt like I was watching a movie. The characters didn't feel like movie characters. They had human emotions. There actions were realistic. You can truly understand what they are going through. I felt attached to the characters, and that is a huge complement to the movie. Unlike most movies, the characters never had big outbursts. There reactions to different situations were 100% realistic.

The performances in Spotlight were absolutely phenomenal! Hand Mark Ruffalo his Oscar now, because he deserves to win best supporting actor. His performance was incredible, and he had this one scene where you can see how passionate he was about the subject matter. If Mark Ruffalo doesn't win, then Michael Keaton should because he was also fantastic in this movie. He is truly a brilliant actor, and its nice to see him having a comeback. Rachel McAdams was also fantastic. Her performance was very subtle, but she definitely deserves a nomination. Tom McCarthy's direction was amazing! This was a perfectly directed movie, and he will be nominated and possibly win best director. The screenplay was also perfect! The dialogue was so realistic and well written!

After watching Spotlight I felt so many different emotions all at once. After the movie was finished I just sat there and reflected on what I had just watched. I was angry at the catholic church for trying to cover the story up, and I was enraged at the priests who took advantage of the helpless victims. At the same time I was also very happy and proud that these journalists cared so much about doing the right thing, and exposing the priests. In today's society, we treat celebrities as idols, but these journalists are the ones we should be praising. Journalists often get a bad rep, but this film shows that some of them work for the greater good.

Spotlight isn't my favorite movie of the year. Its not a movie that I could watch over and over again, honestly I may never watch this movie again because of how shocking, disturbing and brutally realistic it is. That being said, it is hands down the best movie I've seen this year, because it is so effective and pure genius! I definitely recommend Spotlight! I will warn you, it is a very heavy movie and one that will make you think, so only watch it if you feel comfortable with the subject matter and if you are the mood for a very deep and heavy movie.


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