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This is going to be a list of characters that are so similar to popular characters published by DC comics, that they could "play" them in an upcoming movie. This doesn't mean I don't think that the person playing them now isn't going to do a good job, in fact, I like the way the Suicide Squad cast looks in it's current state. This is just meant to be a fun article, which is what you should expect from an article about fictional characters playing fictional characters.

1. Darren Cross as Lex Luthor

Darren Cross from Ant Man was very similar to Lex Luthor in alot of ways. He was rich, he was bald, and he was just as intelligent as he was an egotistical jerk. He even created a suit to fight Scott Lang, something that Lex in the comics has done so many times to fight superman. He just seems like a perfect fit.

2. Louis Bloom as The Riddler

Although they dress differently, I think that Louis Bloom from Nightcrawler would be perfect for The Riddler. He just has the perfect amount of unhinged to his personality. Riddler is much smarter, but Louis did outsmart and manipulate plenty of people in his movie.

3. James Jesse as The Joker

This one is kinda cheating, because Mark Hamill already plays the Joker in the animated shows and the games. But the Trickster from the Flash show is pretty much Joker without the clown outfit, so he is on this list. There really isn't anything else to say about this one.

4. Sif as Wonder Woman

Sif from the Thor movies would make an excellent Wonder Woman. She already has show that she can do the "Warrior Goddess" thing, all she needs is the crown and the lasso.

5. Carrie Cutter as Harley Quinn

Yes, I know that Cupid is also a DC character. But just like the Trickster, she is very little known and her portrayal on arrow is pretty much Harley Quinn without the outfit. She has just the right amount of crazy, all she would have to do is switch out the bow with a gun.

Are there any characters that remind you of DC characters? If so, tell me in the comments below.


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