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James Wood

The definition of abysmal. A film so bad that me and my friend actually walked out, a rarity considering the amount tickets cost for the cinema nowadays it's best to avoid leaving early and wasting your hard earned cash. Identity Thief and now this are the only two movies I've exited early and rightfully so, I didn't think about how much I'd spent on my ticket, I was just thinking about the disappointment and overwhelming shoddiness of this 2014 fantasy action film.

I, Frankenstein has a horrid script, all the dialogue is comically bad and it's not helped by the wobbly performances. As much as I like Yvonne Strahovski she is not believable in this as a scientist, nor is the actor who performs alongside her in the early parts of the movie, who reads out scientific terms and data readings in the most unconvincing and hammy manner. As a whole, the line delivery is laughably bad, the worst actor is Mahesh Jadu who plays one of the Gargoyles. I have never so openly laughed at someone act before, if you can call it acting. I'm no expert but but he fails here spectacularly, as does Aaron Eckhart as the title character, in a career lowlight.

Stuart Beattie's direction is poor, indulging in an over abundance of the same action sequences featuring tame slow motion shots of flames whipping up and down. The camerawork is chaotic, and whilst I personally enjoy shaky cam and fast moving camerawork, having vapid and messy shots move even during dialogue heavy scenes is a waste of time and it distances you even further away from the rubbish the characters are talking, so the distance isn't actually that much of a pain.

Aaron Eckhart is disappointing, he literally grunts throughout and it's not effective, did he know what he was getting into? Bill Nighy, well, he can't even save this mess, his performance here feels like an attempt to emulate that of his great roles in Underworld and other darker films. I wouldn't watch this film again, I felt it were right to watch it all the way through at home and still it's an epic mess of lame CGI, poor acting and script issues, accompanied by a seemingly obvious lack of care and craft.


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