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James Wood

An immense, powerhouse revenge thriller bolstered down by intense performances, stunning cinematography and total knockout action that hits like a bullet to the head. Faster is 90 minutes of pure adrenaline, and a showcase performance for Dwayne Johnson.

When the "Driver" is released from prison, he sets off on a rampage of revenge to kill the people on a list responsible for the death of his brother. On his tail, a devoted hit man and an unstable cop. Throw these three messed up souls together and let action commence. The showdowns are immense and very tense, watching The Rock stare into the eyes of his terrified enemy gets your blood pumping like mad. The director's style is gritty, in your face and positively brimming with intensity. I loved the sunbaked cinematography, the cars look gorgeous in the sun and the dark soundtrack only adds more fuel to the fire, this is a movie filled with rage and it never ventures over into campy territory.

Put it simply, from the moment the Driver ignites the roaring engine in his Chevrolet Chevelle SS you know this film is going to get loud. The shootouts are spectacular, but for me the acting really excels. Dwayne Johnson is at his best, showing a broken nature with hunger for payback, and in the final scenes where a Priest talks him down he completely ups his game. Oliver Jackson Cohen is good fun as the hit man, he's pretty dedicated and scary and he's perfectly suited to this role. Billy Bob Thornton is top dog as a dirty cop, as in a druggy and a bad father, and Carla Gugino is excellent alongside him as a smart sassy detective. Maggie Grace, Jennifer Carpenter, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Moon Bloodgood and Lester Speight have small parts but they really do sell themselves and make a strong impression. This is a well rounded and superbly talented cast.

For me, this is an instant classic revenge romp, a must own in your collection and simply unmissable. This wasn't a huge box office hit nor was it recognised for awards, I felt it should've been considering its star power, at least some recognition deserved here. Every aspect from acting, story, writing and characters is so solid it even makes Dwayne Johnson look skinny.


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