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Well, this is perhaps the most satisfying trailer among all the trailers I saw recently. Absolutely the type of trailer I expected from a deadpool film. 2.53 minutes of pure entertainment. This scene, where Deadpool says

‘"You're probably thinking this is a superhero movie, but that guy in the suit just turned the other guy into a f*cking kebab. Surprise, this is a different kind of superhero story. "Well to tell it right, we've got to take you back to before I squeezed this ass into spandex."

This probably sums up the motion of the movie for everyone. This is not your typical superhero movie; this is not just some typical trailer. THIS IS DEADPOOL. He is not only shockingly different from all of Marvel. He is the definition of a kind.
So, we saw a literal butt shot and Deadpool making fun of his costume (Superhero Traditions). Because, why not? As he said his butt is fuckin amazing.

We got to see Colossus who was about to smash Angel Dust. But, wait what? Colossus took such a hit? Surprise! Angel Dust played by Gina Carano is really turning out to be too much of a dude.

Negasonic Wardhead
Negasonic Wardhead

But, then we have this fresh angry teenager the negasonic wardhead played by Brianna Hildebrand. Who was busy tweeting in the middle of the battle and guess what she does? She takes out Angel Dust who just fucked Colossus just like that! They played a bit with her powers and made some slight changes compared to the comics though. She could do stuffs with future and mind. But, since we already have 99 other characters with such powers a bit of change is welcomed.

Angel Dust- Deadpool
Angel Dust- Deadpool

Angel Dust being a minor comic character was ok I guess. But, she looks a bit too terrifying and dude like. And I am satisfied with the looks of Negasonic Wardhead. I like how they added a lot of attitude to this character. And she will be playing a sister like role in Deadpool’s team.

So, at this point it’s kind of confirmed that Reynolds gonna be a part of the X-men universe. Yeah!

However, wade doesn’t give a fuck about the X-men bullshits as he told Colossus. And X-men don’t really like Deadpool’s way of superheroing. Very Interesting I must say. Who could have sent them? Pr ofessor X? Colossus was like dude chill and Deadpool was like ‘I have no chill, I am offensive as fuck.’ Hah. And when Deadpool said ‘Besides, that guy was up there before we got here.’ is gold, very Deadpool.

By the way, Miller described the city in which Deadpool is set as a “a pre-post apocalyptic Detroit”. Hmm a Daredevil reference.

We see some change of script in this trailer from the previous one. This means they had a lot of takes. And I like this idea of using and experimenting with different lines! We might as well see different lines for different versions. They also changed and made the bridge scene more epic. Let’s take a look

Deadpool’s face is pretty much messed up. And he can’t heal it because this happened even before he achieved the ability to heal. I mean this is basically the form where he comes back to after healing. Absolutely what he said, it looks like the inside of someone’s asshole.

We have seen Blind Al having different types of roles and personalities in comics. However, this Blind Al played by Leslie is friend like.

And Copycat actually tells Ajax she has never been a damsel in distress. Then we see this is faceoff between Ajax and Deadpool. The surroundings of this action scene look interesting to me. Guess this one will be fun to watch. In another scene we see Deadpool showing his frustration over Ajax. In-case, you didn’t know Francis is Ajax.

We got a sneak peak at another operation going on. It looked like the mutant spike in X-men: Last Stand.

And in this scene wade rises from what should’ve killed anyone. Highlighting the amazing healing ability; this probably is a wade vs ajax battle after scene.

This scene was pretty insane and violent; probably, summarized Deadpool for everyone. Yes, he is a superhero but he has his ways. Good or bad get used to it. He cuts of this guy’s head and kicks that to hit another guy.

Overall, the trailer was amazing. I liked it more than the first one. Putting the film to the most anticipated list; Wade keeps on saying look at me I was born to play Deadpool. I think they did a pretty amazing marketing campaign.

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