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I am an Aussie Filmmaker who has a passion for telling stories that make people question their own selves.
John Hopper

The Portal Game Series is an incredible achievement of story telling and challenging puzzle play.

Portal introduced us to a world that had a insane robot in charge. Her thirst for testing led to her temporary destruction.
Portal 2 brought the story and gameplay to another world as we were betrayed and deceived. Although the ending was satisfying, it left us with a few more questions and the knowledge that Portal 3 could eventually arrive to finish the story.

So while we sit and wait for Portal 3, here is a fan-made trailer showcasing what it could be like if Portal was turned into a film.

Although this will be unlikely, a movie of GlaDos' origins along with Aperture's could be a great starting point for both Half-Life and Portal films.

With Assassin's Creed looking to become a hit and lift the curse of movie-game films, we could see an abundance of movie-game films in the not too distant future.


Could a Portal film work?


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