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This show came out when I was at the ripe age of seven, and taught me that anyone can be a hero. I did not truly appreciate it until I was older and understood how remarkable every aspect of this show was compared to others! I must thank Joss Whedon for expanding my mind to realize that there is no difference between men and woman; they're both heroes. Before the show the only superheroes I looked up to was Batman,Spider-Man, Superman, Wolverine, and with this show Buffy Summers became my all-time favorite hero. Even today I find myself drawn to characters like Liv Moore (IZombie) over most male characters. Throughout this article I will share why I love it so and why I do not care what gender a hero is, only what they stand for. This is by all accounts a love letter to my favorite show, and I am curious what other shows do you feel the same way about? I am an avid television watcher (yes I am a geek), and the emotions that this show evoked in me, no other show has even came close to matching (this show makes me weep every time I watch "The Body") in the golden age of television. This show was so amazing they made a comic book to continue the story, and I hate to say some parts pale in comparison with the show.

Oh Buffy, my Buffy
Oh Buffy, my Buffy

The first season was definitely the weakest, but introduced the audience to Joss's brand of humor and what to expect in upcoming seasons. For some odd reason when I am around certain friends and I mention my love of Buffy, the look on their faces scream total geek. Yes, the demons make-up are outdated, but it is a television show with an emotional kick like Holly Holm ( Yeah, she knocked Ronda out). I have repeatedly tried to get some of my friends to watch, (just like Leonard did to Penny on the Big Bang) and the matter in which they do not like it seems to stem from the fact that she is obviously a girl. They argue she is so small, and then I counter argue that her powers come from generations of chosen ones made to fight demonic forces. Yet their comeback is usually " it is just stupid," and after that I usually lose my temper. I understand that everybody have different tastes in entertainment, but why not give me an articulate statement on why they dislike the show ( I know I need new friends, but friends are hard to make). Why do people watch television shows or movies? Usually out of boredom, and they want to be entertained. This show has been off the air for almost thirteen years, and for a mid-twenties male this show resonates just as much now, as it did way back when. The entertainment factor is off the charts, and for some odd reason my eyes fill with water every time I watch the prom episode. That moment when Jonathon hands Buffy the The Class Protector umbrella, (hold up I need to get some tissues) and she is dressed elegantly, and then Angel arrives to dance to maker her night. ( Remember I am a man, and it is okay to feel these emotions) I tend to think to myself why can't more television or films solicit this type of emotions from me. (Really, or am I just that much in love with Buffy?)

You are so lucky Angellus!
You are so lucky Angellus!

I am currently working on my own comic book, and I just marvel at how talented the crew of this show must of been to produce something this amazing (I am writing on this website 1. I love to write about this type of stuff 2. I am practicing my craft and I need a lot of practice.) When I first saw the episode when Buffy sleeps with Angel and then he transform into Angellus, I thought oh what an interesting development. When I became older I then knew (through some of my friends, I sadly am not like 2pac I don't get around) that men do act totally different after sex becomes involve and usually for the worst. Also that was Buffy's first time and for that to happen to her, all I have to say is " Damn you Whedon!" If you think that is bad, she goes the rest of the season with him tormenting her, and right before she must kill him, he reverts back to Angel (This show so,so,so good). I could write a lot more about all the amazing plot twists and the different emotions that occurred while watching, but I will not. I am an avid television watcher, and no other show has came close to the joy that this anomaly has brought me. Another part of this show I have grown to admire, is they always end the show with me wanting desperately to see more. So thank you Joss Whedon and all the other people who were involved in making this, and I hope soon another show will come to fill the void. (It has only been like thirteen years, and I love Game of Thrones, The Flash, but not like Buffy) My question to hopefully the one or two people who will read this, do you think there will be another show to even come close to the greatness of Buffy?


Who was you favorite character in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" besides Buffy?


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