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Michael Dougherty's Trick r Treat has become a cult classic and has been deemed one of the best horror movies in the past century. The film is about four intertwined stories that occur on Halloween night. There's a list of rules everyone must abide by, or else they'll meet their demise. Before delving into this theory, I'd like to note I'll try not to make it sound ridiculous. I won't say Sam is secretly Jason Todd or anything that ludicrous. Yet, it will be a stretch occasionally.

I'd say the second most popular character in this film is Principal Wilkins (Dylan Baker). He introduces us to the rules and personally follows them by heart. I think that's what makes him so admirable, despite being a homicidal deviant. He still partakes in the celebrations of the season, even in his own demented way (carving a human head into a jack-o-lantern). However, he seemingly gets his just desserts after attacking Laurie only to be subdued and eaten by her after she transforms to a half werewolf form. Now, with a sequel being made and potential characters returning, could Wilkins actually be alive and make a reappearance? Which scenarios would enable this?

1. Turn into Werewolf

When Wilkins bites Laurie he consumes some of her blood, and by this process he could have infected himself. In most movies, if you're bitten or ingest bodily fluids from this monster you'll turn into one yourself. While the mythology of this creature is unclear in the movie, it's still a strong possibility (seeing as they transform under the full moon). Although, it seems Laurie finished Wilkins off completely he could have recovered from his injuries. Yet, the fact he'd survive after having his gizzard torn is unlikely, even werewolves have their limits.

2. Resurrected by Sam

Sam's an ubiquitous presence in this movie. He's supernatural, as he can teleport from one place to the other, and alter surroundings. takes the rules seriously, and mysteriously appears whenever someone breaks one. He seems to respect Wilkins because of this. Fans have protested that Sam didn't intervene Wilkins' death because of what he did, but why didn't he do anything when they first crossed paths? It could have been because he received a piece of candy from Wilkins, but why was he in the woods at that time in the first place? No rules had been broken. Was he just strolling, saw the werewolves stripping and said to himself, "yeah, I'd like to watch this"? Now, there's no indication he has these sorts of abilities, but given that he can be anywhere at anytime, could he also have the power to revive Wilkins, in gratitude of his passion for the rules? You'll probably point out in the epilogue that occurs a year later there's no sign of Wilkins, and if he survived wouldn't he have returned home to his son? Maybe not. Wilkins saw him as a nuisance anyway. Billy also hated Charlie Brown who'd want to come home to that little turd?

Why is it important he comes back for the second edition? While I'd be fine if he didn't, it'd be nice to see him again. Although he was a horrific person, he was fun to watch. Wilkins, like many great villains is someone we love to hate. No matter if he is or isn't alive, we'll still remember him for the magnificent and devilish bastard he was.


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