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For those of you still mourning the death of Disney sweetheart Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus has a sorry message for you: Get over it.

In a series of typically jovial Instagram pictures throughout this week, Miley has shared multiple shots mocking her old self, claiming fans nostalgic for her butter-wouldn't-melt days are just plain 'cray cray.' And, sorry, but I agree with her, and her hilarious photo caption.

“When haters say they miss the old me. Some of y’all r f-ckinnnn cray cray! I look like cousin it f-cked a clementine!”

Like her or not, it's undeniable her current, fake-tan-free skin tone is far less... well, less like cousin Itt fucked a clementine.

"Cousin Clementine"

“I miss the old Miley lol lol lol lol lol .”

Bf4L @katyweaver

Besides her great hashtag game, this is yet another example of Miley Cyrus not taking herself, nor her image, too seriously. Although you can debate whether her debauched antics are a good public influence or not, it's clear that the young star is becoming much more comfortable in her own skin.

And, old school Miley fans, before you throw yourself into a pit of despair, the last Instagram post in her series of self-mocking shows there's still a little of the old her left...

But you probably guessed that part already.

Source: Just Jared, Instagram


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