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The former The Cosby Show star Bill Cosby has been charged with sexually assaulting a woman back in 2004. This was announced in a news conference earlier today.

Montgomery County District Attorney-elect Kevin Steele said the following during the conference:

"Today, after examination of all the evidence, we are able to seek justice on behalf of the victim."
Bill on The Cosby Show
Bill on The Cosby Show

He was charged by the local authorities in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The assault in question was on a former Temple University employee at Bill's Pennsylvania home, where he got her to digest pills and drink wine, rendering her unable to move. He then performed the sexual assault on her.

After the incident, the victim moved back in with her mother in Canada, who eventually found out what happened and they contacted the Canadian authorities.

Cosby has previously been accused of rape, sexual assault, child abuse and more by numerous other women, but this is the first time he has been charged with a crime.

Sources: Variety and Washington Post


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