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In response to an article by Jack Carr, I'd like to analyze this whole "Pinn" thing further. For those who have been very close, plutonic bromance or...girlmance..(?), the relationship shared by Finn and Poe is nothing out of the ordinary.

Poe: "Hey guy, you saved my life. Thanks!"
Finn: "Hey man, you got me out of there alive! You're alright by me."
Poe: "You're alright by me. Bros?"
Finn: "Brooos."

I don't think anyone without a fetish for gay Star Wars fan fiction would predict the next line in that interaction to be "now kiss me tenderly." So the evidence provided is a little lacking. Allow me to provide me interpretation.

Just to recap, The Force Awakens is practically A New Hope, retold. You know: evil dude, evil hologram, protagonist from past is killed in sacrifice, familial bonds (Rey and Kylo are brother and sister. How is that not obvious to everyone?). The tale is the same, with the same moral principles and story line, but the character roles get mixed and matched. And BAM, now it hits me. Thinking of the correlations between Han and Leia and Finn and Poe are uncanny. Han rescues Leia as a storm trooper, as Finn rescues Poe as First Order soldier. Poe is a major player in the resistance. Sound familiar to Leia's role in the original trilogy? (wink wink nudge nudge) And another important thing to note is the fact Rey left to go train with Luke, leaving Poe and Finn back with the resistance, like how Luke left Han and Leia at the end of Empire Strikes Back. The alternative is that Poe and Finn are more like a Chewy-Han duo, which is completely possible.

While I can agree with the premise of Jack's argument, it is only to an extent. Finn was obviously flustered around Rey, trying to grab her hand and act like a big man, so there's definitely attraction there. Finn has been a soldier since birth, so he's unfamiliar with the real world. Poe however is the rogue of the series, and has had plenty of time to experience life.

Poe could certainly be gay, but Finn is COMPLETELY oblivious to it. Poe sees something brewing (look at his eyes and facial expression in the title picture), but Finn just thinks of this whole thing as a bromance from heaven. In the future, I could see Poe making a mouth move on Finn, causing Finn to become petrified for a few seconds before being like, "I'm ok with this." Obviously we'll have to wait and see, but personally I think it'd be awesomely hilarious if the filmmakers are thinking along the same lines as I am.


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