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"What's past is prologue"

William Shakespeare


In my humble opinion "Into Darkness" failed to engage many of the old-skool Star Trek fans for the reason that it failed to establish its own legitimacy in terms of Star trek's spectacular past legacy.


Rebooting Young Kirk" was a major error for many reasons & on multiuple levels. Please be rid of this, "Re-boot Young Kirk Theme"!!!

Why not utilize the many "progeny" of beloved former Star Trek Characters to further develop new & former characters: Benjamin Sisko/Jake, Worf/Alexander Rozhenko, Miles O'Brien/ Molly, Dr. Beverly Crusher/Wesley Crusher + create possible progeny[Commander Chakotay/ Seven Of Nine, Riker/Deanna Trio, ect] ?


Connect the past with the present to create new & unique possible futures.

Hire/involve the "Original Casts" as consultants/actors,ect.; [The Captains-William Shatner, Scott Bakula,Avery Brooks,Kate Mulgrew,Sir Patrick Stewart],Michael Dorn, Colm Meaney, Whoopy Golderg,Nana Visitor, Odo, Michael Grodenchik,Robert Beltran, Aron Eisenberg, Brent Spiner, Marc Alaimo,Andrew Robinson, ect[ too many to list]. Tie-in some plots that address "unfinished" business with past conflicts & characters[Founders, Borg, Ferengi,Cardassian, Bajorans,Q, Betazoid, Klingon,[too many to list].


Adapt more "Timeless,Classical, & Inspiring musical scores that celebrates the monumentality of this mythical series & its characters.


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