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If you've never heard of Spider-Gwen, you're really missing out.

This character has had one of the most meteoric rises in popularity since Deadpool in the nineties. The character was introduced in 2014 in the Spider-Verse comic book event and since then she has quickly blossomed into a mainstay in the Marvel Universe, getting her own series and becoming much loved by fans worldwide.

She is an alternate universe version of Gwen Stacy, and in this alternate world she was the character to have been bitten by the spider. Spider-Gwen a really great character that has been explored a lot in a very short amount of time, and it could be about to get taken to the next level.

You see, many characters get their chance to prove their popularity with fans in an animated series, and it has certainly worked in recent years for Marvel, who have grown the fan bases for characters such as Miles Morales with his own series. Could this be the same route they take for Spider-Gwen? Well, the answer is possibly, especially if this clip below is anything to go by!

That was some pretty awesome animation, and Gwen herself was looking great! But the real question about this video is:

What is it?

Well the answer is nothing. Or... hardly nothing. It's actually just a fan made animation by Allegra Town Studio, however it could be the start of something wonderful. If nothing else, this is going to cause fans, like myself, to ask the question:

When Will Spider-Gwen Get An Animated Show?

And let's face it, if the fans demand it enough, we're sure to convince Marvel that it is a good idea!

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Does Spider-Gwen Deserve Her Own Show?


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