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i dreamed about a crazy star wars theory...What if Rey isnt the daughter of luke.. Or leia and han... Or obi wan... What if kylo doesnt want to hurt her... He knows cloning, he has vaders helmet.. What if the flashes are memorys in her genetic pool.. What if she knows how to use the force from memorys in her genetic pool? What if Rey is a clone of anakin? The prophecy said the chosen one will have no father.. If she is a clone... She has no father... Hope i brought up some food for toughts

Edit: and the theory goes much deeper... what if Finn is an imperial agent and his only goal is to bring rey on the way to the dark side? i dont like his story.. he is a lifelong trained trooper ready to kill... lifelong indoctrination... he was a toilett cleaner on the starkillerbase, worked hard to get a position in phasmas elite squad of troopers... and on one day he says... no?

how gets a toilett cleaner knowledge about the position of the energy system on the starkillerbase...?


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