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Big Marvel Fan, full time gamer, I dabble in DC, my opinion is that marvel is good at making movie's and ok at making show's, as for DC is g

The Force Awakens had a lot of eastereggs and cameos. But the best one so far for me is the Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Easteregg. When I watched the force awakens, I didn't notice this, then I recently saw this and it popped into my head

Two Great Minds Think Alike

Yes thats right Kojima and Abrams hanging out with autographed copy of MGSV, and wait there's more

Yes that is BB-8 with Hideo, so what does this have to do with star wars you ask ? Well apart from metal gear solids creator hanging out with the new star wars director, here is what I'm talking about, check out C3-PO below

See that red arm ? Must be some random scrap C3-PO found huh, wrong check this

Yeah thats right, its big bosses arm, bet you didn't see that huh, so is MGS set in the star wars universe ? Or is it just a fun easteregg ? What do you think ?


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