ByJamil Wright, writer at
Jamil Wright

Not sure how this happened but, an official clip of Thor: Ragnarok clip has leaked! Take a look:

Awesome right? Although we don't hear anything, it's pretty clear what's going on. It looks like Bruce (The Hulk) is on the run from Asgard or, are they on the run from him? It's kinda hard to tell with all the explosions and different people running in different directions but, what is very clear is, Bruce does not look happy. We even see him transforming at the end. This clip also raises some questions. Is it fake? I doubt it. Where else have we seen this footage in any other MCU movie? Comment below if you have an idea. Also, where is Thor? Could the Asgardians think that Bruce is an intruder and Thor is yet to know of his arrival? How did Bruce even get on Asgard? Are we even on Asgard?!?!

What do you think?


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