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Hi guys. With Disney remaking their animated classics and with the new live action Tarzan hitting theaters, I figured why not do a live action fan cast of the Disney version. Though Tarzan isn't my favorite Disney film (Hunchback Of Notre Dame being my favorite) however it's still one of them and it's a great movie nevertheless. I'm not gonna lie, Kala, Kerchak, Terk, and Tantor the elephant were all casted perfectly and it was hard for me to come up with different actors. I would cast them again, but unfortunatley I don't they think they would be willing to reprise their roles.

Just use a real Leopard for Sabor.

The Cast.

Joe Manganello as Tarzan.

You need Tarzan to be physically built and a great actor to pull of the role successfully. Mangaello is a great actor, has the right built and he would kill it as the future Lord of The Jungle.

Jamie Lee Curtis as Kala (Voice).

Jamie Lee Curtis is great at playing mother figures who are kind caring towards their child and those are characteristics you need for Kala.

Liam Neeson as Kerchak (Voice).

This was the hardest one to re-cast. Lance Henriksen was so perfect for the part. Until I thought of Liam Neeson. Neeson has proven time and time again that he can play a believable bad ass. Kerchak is not the kind of Gorilla you wanna piss off, because he'll kick your ass. That's exactly what Liam Neeson is.

Julia Louis Dreyfus as Terk (Voice).

I know, I know, Rosie O'Donnell played it so perfectly. If you watch clips of Veep or Seinfeld, Dreyfus has shown that she is very capable of being a smart mouth but yet likeable monkey person which would fit the role of Terk very well.

Bryan Cranston as Tantor (Voice).

Cranston has proven that he's an actor who can literally play anything. From Seinfeld to Malcolm In The Middle to Breaking Bad. His performance on Malcolm In The Middle has proven that he can be eccentric over-the top and hilarious and I think he would make a great Tantor.

Natalie Portman as Jane.

Sure Portman has been in bad movies but that isn't her fault. If given the right role, she can give a solid performance and her mannerisms I think would work for Jane.

Willem Dafoe as Clayton.

Even though Dafoe might not look the part, but I have confidence that he could play the role justice for sure. Dafoe has proven that he can play bad guy/tough guys really well. Whether it would be his performance as Norman Osborn in Spider-Man 1, the Director from Mr. Bean's Holiday has shown that he would be the perfect fit for Clayton. Also watch The Hunter and you'll see what I mean.

That's my cast. Hope you like. Who would you cast. Please comment below and let me know.


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