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Wow. Just wow.

Okay, first things first, I want to thank you all for 100,000 reads on my posts. Thank you so much for reading and the more you read, the more I'll post as many interesting stuff as I can think of. Alright now, let's get down to the review.

Last year, for the first time, Pixar released two films in one year. The first film was released in June and was called Inside Out, a film about all your emotions in your head. The second was entitled The Good Dinosaur, and was about how the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs missed and then, a dinosaur named Arlo is swept away and meets a young boy named Spot.

I could easily understand why some people may be hesitant to watch the movie, because it just seemed like another "boy and his dog" movie with a twist: "boy and his dinosaur". Well, more like "dinosaur and his boy".

But let me get this straight: THE MOVIE WAS AWESOME.


I was able to watch it today at a movie theater in New York City. I sat down with my snack, watched some previews, saw the Pixar short called Sanjay's Super Team, and the movie started. As with many movies, it began with the main character as a young kid. Dinosaur Arlo is the youngest of three and he is always picked on and made fun of by his siblings due to the fact that he is easily frightened. His father, mother, and two brothers have all made their mark (a hand-print on a corn silo) due to the chores that they've done and everything they've accomplished. Arlo hasn't gotten it, and wants to make his mark.

Arlo is swept away by the ocean and finds himself injured, lost, and far away from home. This scene is extremely powerful, and emotionally painful. People tend to not feel very bad for animated characters because they're animated and not real. But this scene pushes you. It pushes you and makes you feel the way Arlo feels. This scene alone took more memory than the entirety of Cars 2.

He befriends a young caveboy whom he names Spot. Unlike Arlo, Spot doesn't seem to be afraid of anything, scaring away snakes and other evil creatures. Arlo wants to be brave, like Spot, like his father, like everyone. And he wants to make his mark. The movie takes real-life consequences and real-life emotions felt by you and puts it into dinosaurs and young boys.

Sometimes, you gotta get through your fear to see the beauty on the other side.

That's all I can say about the well-written plot for now.


The animation in this movie is like nothing you have ever seen from Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, or Anime. What you see in this movie is absolutely beautiful. There were points in the movie where if you saw only pictures of it, you would truly believe that this was a live-action movie.

The picture you see above depicts one scene in the movie shortly after Arlo has been separated from his family. If you had seen what I saw, you, too, would believe that you could jump right into the movie. This was on a screen that took up an entire wall and the landscapes and everything that you see in the movie is 100% breathtaking.

Now look at the animated haiku above. This appeared in the opening seconds of the film's trailer. It was so realistic that for a while, I had this as my background on Twitter. We see this in the movie for only a few seconds. About five seconds. But this took Pixar Animation Studios over a MONTH to create. A WHOLE FREAKING MONTH.

That should prove to you how much Pixar goes through to create their movies.

Overall Reaction

You need to see this movie. No question about it. I mean, it has a great story, great animation, and it's a great movie you can watch with your kids, your parents, your neighborhood hobos, and anyone (if you're bringing your kids, you might want to cover their eyes during some scenes, e.g. bug's head getting ripped off, a villain voiced by Steve Zahn).

Some have criticized the movie for lacking in story, but this is an extremely emotional movie. It's a tearjerker and I knew it would be once the first trailer came out.

If you have some money to spare and you want to spend it at the movies, don't spend it on freakin' Alvin and the Chipmunks. Spend it on Disney/Pixar's The Good Dinosaur.


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